Criminal crime at the finished sprint – DSV Gold Rum boundaries in Seefeld

After nine major titles in a row, the German team won the gold medal at the Seefeld World Championships from the usual hill for the first time. They did as badly as they were in a decade.

For the first time in ten years, athletes stayed together in Germany in a single World Cup single-race race. In the influence of Norway's best-renowned Jarl Magnus Riiber, Johannes Rydzek was the best eight best DSV starter. Money was received in Seefeld to Bernhard Gruber Austria, the Akito Watabe bronze from Japan.

Frenzel and Rießle without an opportunity

Vinzenz Geiger (Oberstdorf) was the best best German in 14th place. Olympian sportsman Eric Frenzel (Geyer / 16.), Fabian Rießle (Breitnau / 17.) And Terence Weber (Geyer / 25.) There was no chance for podium after midnight lions.

This also came to an end the gold money in the & # 39; Germany: At the 2017 World Cup, the 2018 Olympics and also in Seefeld's first week, the DSV team won the nine titles. Unless the base of the World Cup single race Germany was last in Liberec in 2009.

DSV hopes to relay olives

The high efforts were sunk as long as the morning's slow jump was. In Rydzek, Rießle and Frenzel all over the world, they were all sold more than a minute ago. The biggest hopes of Geiger's stadium, which ended 35 seconds behind Riibeir in the sixth year. There, however, the cold was captured before the World Cup itself began.

"We tried it with Vinz, it should run forward, which looked good at first, but the two-week illness was still a bone," said Weinbuch.

There is still a base match for German athletes in Tyrol: On Saturday, the program season runs, the DSV team is a defense hero and an Olympic hero at the beginning. "We'll get another gold," said Weinbuch.

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