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Cut and FPÖ: turquoise shoes with shoots

Odds warrant

In fact, however, the TV section, which is mixed with interest, will come a bit at the wrong time. Although the Austrian government commander is still regarded as a curator-guardian and with the German politician and EPP Frontrunner Manfred Weber in his & her; Election always in a double pack, the ÖVP head at home ", tell Austria, urgently: For a week, the Chancellor and his party must justify their Minister within his / her; as strong as controversial. The President of the Force is responsible for the Liberals Herbert Kickl regardless of whether he put his inspirational statements on the European Convention on Human Rights.
And as made by the controversial rule in the Interior Department, it was the responsibility of the Chancellor Kurz to divide the smaller or smaller regional divisional headquarters.
The problems still show no permanent marks. However, the weather may be between ÖVP and FPÖ to suffer in a long time.
Tomorrow tomorrow, Wednesday the list Now (formerly mushroom) ÖVP She knows what she is thinking about her; partnership partner And so she's going to & # 39; Parliament "Honorary Investigation" for Prime Minister Kurz.

Unimportant statements

Whether the Chancellor himself criticizes the Interior Minister or his / her; Minister as a representative of the National Council, opened open Monday for the time.
The fact is that the challenge is ÖVP to the "deceitful statements" Kickls he does not want to take responsibility for the Convention of Human Rights. The first thing is ÖVP and FPÖ is still largely meaningful. One will rarely confront each other publicly & # 39; as possible.
In fact, that does not hide that co-operation is increasingly demanding.

Bonus government

"As long as we remain constant in the polls and especially in state elections, it is still calm at the rural level," said a Liberalist strategist from Styria, The emphasis is on "as long". As one looks at election bills and election results, the National Council's election is one thing; Stand out: the disaster is sometimes expected in the polls, which are often the case; go hand in hand with government partnership, FPÖ still at home ÖVP to see.
However, the People Party Party seems to have a great deal of benefit from the partnership, that is, it's a great deal. continue to rise in the polls and depends on it FPÖ out – so they gathered government good.
The FPÖ party leader may also have seen Heinz-Christian Strache then trying to identify the uncertain advantages of her; at their own governmental work. At the New Year's meeting Vienna He made a special statement: although you are only in the election
26% of the votes received, 75% of the government would work "blue handwriting".
After this bill has been lying FPÖ 50 per cent above target. An unusual account, one does not know better than that Strache himself.

test corrosion

The next test will be acidic, as long as its & # 39; most FPÖ directors,
Vienna election. As this is just where the problem is rising Herbert Kickl also at a federal level. "A Kickl no one Johann Gudenus Only work at 10, 15 per cent of our main electors. They are too aggressive, too sharp, "said Blauer Vienne.
Cure may be an appeal Heinz-Christian Strache to create. Former chancellor as FPÖ Viennesach candidate? What does the Chancellor say?
In some way, it's a good line.

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