Does your carrier have better quality products for your health?


Cakes, washing machines, sweets: The supermarket has had a lot of goods called "gluten-free". It's just about glutening glues. But is it really better for your health?

What was a knee?

Gluten is a protein found in, for example, wheat, barley and rye. The reason is that there is meal together with water making sticky dough. Gluten brings out the dough and tests out bread and clay. Because of these lots, it is also known as 'gluten' Klebereiwei.

Only people with passages of gluten should be avoided

People with Zliakie as they say can not cause self-suffering from gluten and cannot be hardened. Children and adults should eat non-digestible foods unless they have a disease illness, they explain the Scottish Childminding and Youth Association (BVKJ).

Often there will be nutritious food more fat, sugar and salt, Less vitamin B, iron or acidic. Often those who eat gluten for no reason eat less fiber. If a diet is needed without knees because of a eared disease, for example, the doctors advise not only that they will eat fiber from this time. In addition, mills, runners, quinoa, fruit, vegetables and nuts are good providers of threadless fibers.

Freight to snapshots is often expensive

There is now a backdrop-based business with no videos which often sell better products. The new health of the people was that they should beat profit. Bread without plaits and co. They are not completely healthy.

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