Doping challenge in Seefeld, ÖSV throughout the country arrested «

The Austrian and German authorities were arrested in 16 search for houses at the Nordic World Personnel Championship in Seefeld on Wednesday in a coordinated operation called "Operation Aderlass" in relation to an interconnected dumping network, national. Those arrested include two skipper skipper of the Austrian World Cup and a German sports warden.

In Seefeld, two members of the offender group and five athletes were arrested on a guarantee basis and seven houses were made. The athletes were arrested two Austria, one Kazakh and two Estonian athlete. The Austrians arrested by police athletes from overseas herring. According to the ÖSV racing director, Markus Gandler, these are Vorarlberg Dominik Baldauf, a 26 year old and a senior Haute Max Hauke ​​Steward, who had been sixth in a classical cross-country team team of the World Championships in Seefeld.

Scout across the ÖSV country Markus Gandler told "The Press": "This is a collection of flowers, how bad you need to be in a World Cup house that caters to this risk. " Here are two police athletes who had a race nowadays. "In the ORF interview, Gandler said:" Hit for cross-country skiing, we are in a position of circulation, and I hope the masters, the people, will get it. "

OWNERSIDE - Scandinavian World Championships FIS Seefeld 2019

OWNERSIDE - Scandinavian World Championships FIS Seefeld 2019

Baldauf and Hauke ​​when the team is delivered on Sunday – GEPA Images

Statement in Munich

It seems that it was essential for the inquiry to report the previous dopach peacock Johannes Dürr at the Munich public prosecutor. Recently, Austria Low, who had been able to confirm for the 2014 Olympic EPO and who was arrested, has recently been an ARD documentary on dopy customs in a competitive sport.

"The public prosecutor's office opened a start-up investigation in the absence of information on rutter use on the witness Johannes Dürr, who has now been involved in the start-up study against an accused person, "said the procurator chief Anna Leiding in a Wednesday written message.

The authorities wanted to provide information about more information and information at a 3f news conference in Innsbruck.

Austria's Austrian Federation (ÖSV) published the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin at the heart of a great doping scandal, after a news conference in Innsbruck. However, ÖSV spokeswoman confirmed that the two overseas divisors were arrested at the team in Seefeld.

The "active for years" dopy network

In the context of several months of continuing international surveys regarding suspicion of professional sports fraud and the use of illegal drugs and ways of causing, a German-based crime group was examined by a 40 year sportswoman, he stated in the publication BK.

The crime group that works out of Erfurt has been trying to make blood clues on top athletes for years to increase their performance in national competitions and internationally and so to get illegal income, "he said.

In Austria, there were already official tasks against Kazakhstan teams and Russia at the 2017 Biathlon World Championship in Hochfilzen and at the 2018 World Cup there.

Broadcasting of Federal Criminal Police Office (sections):

"The Police Police Office (…), in collaboration with the Munich Zollfahndungsamt, Lindau Branch has broken the breakdown of an international dumping network (…) An Erfurt-based criminal group is facing a problem that will hit blood for top athletes for years, to increase their performance in national and international competitions and so to get illegal income.

(…) The arrested athletes are both Austria, one Kazakh and two Estonian athlete. Carers include two police athletes from the national team / national team, who are currently receiving basic police training.

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