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Dunja Hayali in the studio: Female getting "morning magazine" and complaining about "false press"

Panorama Dunja Hayali in the studio

Putting the women at "Morgenmagazin" and complaining about "lie press"

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So Dunja Hayali deals with comments about hatred

Eclat in the ZDF "Morgenmagazin". The program was disturbed by a spectator Dunja Hayali and he dressed him the “bogus cup”. Just a few days ago, Hayali had told in a WELT interview how she deals with grievous ideas and the charges of "false lies".

ZDF "Morgenmagazin": A live broadcast on Wednesday, a woman from the audience is listening to the stage and presenting the soloist Dunja Hayali. Then she says about "lies".

"Do you really lie on everyone here? Liespresse, Liesenfresse or what ?!": In ZDF "Morgenmagazin", a woman has been suddenly jogging between Dunja Hayali and Andreas Wunn presenter appearing on the cameras of moving and waiting for the false press.

The woman in jeans and jackets also gave a speech to the Dunja Hayali congregation in an aggressive tire. The "Morgenmagazin" is a live broadcast. The 44-year-old Hayali showman did not focus on clumsyly and tried to sort out a situation immediately, even taking back her co-ordinator with one hand and passing the conversation to the wife volunteers.

“We're not talking at all,” the woman replied, “Host Wunn said,” We don't know what is happening now. We clarify the same thing and now for the first time with Mainz to the news. "You'll still hear Hayali, because she will ask if a friendly woman:" Do we want to speak or do we want to talk? "

After a message bar, Hayali told a few minutes later that the woman wasn't thrown out of the room, but that she would then speak to her about the incident. She was "ready to talk, not just here," said Hayali. The "Morning Magazine" happens in a cavity atmosphere, the moderators are also once between the listeners sitting at tables.

Hayali is recognized as a prolific delivery provider. In the book "Haymatland", the journalist describes the hostility and the grain she will receive for her name and the sources of her parents. The family are from Iraq. In social media Hayali is very lively and lively, even with judges, discussing many topics.

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