European Championship U21: ÖFB team to trap illness

Werner Gregoritsch's teammate's reputation is found to be hosted by Italy, protecting his & her; Germany or England defended them. From two poets there is a team from the trio in Spain, Denmark and France. There is also another challenging 3 pot, just like the ÖFB selection. The Austrian Serbian writer is just as far behind Croatia, Belgium, Poland and Romania.

"The European Championships have no challenges, there are only countries with strong players," said Adrian Grbic, who opposed Altach. But you do not have to hide it. "If we play the way we face Russia and Greece, I think European Championships have a great deal," said the 22 year old. Konrad Laimer is definitive about that, saying: "We just do not want to hear and see what the people are doing with us, but the games as good as possible. "

Co-21 Werner Gregoritsch Walls

GEPA / Walter Luger

The Gegoritsch and selected trainers waiting for opponents are obvious

Doublan is able to club co-operatives

He could come to loose distributors of companions. That would be kind to another ÖFB-Kicker course. For example, Laimer plays with the former Salzburg Dayot Upamecano and Nordi Mukiele at RB Leipzig, which is part of the U21 French team. Lukas Klostermann is also a captain of the German team. "I see some of the faces of the European Championships I already know," said Laimer.

Maximilian Wöber could meet his company Ajax Denmark Ramus Kristensen. "It would be good if we played against them," said the Rapidler. Another impact would mean more to his team, known as Wöber, "an amazing and unlikely candidate to play". "Indeed, it would be great if we hit the European Championship Germany," said the 20-year-old.

ÖFB-U21 creating history

The Austrian U21 national team could qualify for a European Championship for its first time after its & # 39; the influence of Greece. The competition will take place in the summer of Italy and San Marcos.

ÖFB-U21-Großkaders also had more than a few players of the ÖFB youth team's final partnership in July 2016. "Some were in the U17 and the U19 in EM , but it's done with 21 on something special. This is brilliant and, indeed, enhances the players and also the guys who are ready, "said Gregoritsch, who is a & # 39; traveling to the haul with Werner Germ team manager and chief president of Iris Stöckelmayr.

"Every player gains from it"

Despite her & # 39; His first certificate, President ÖFB Leo Windtner did not want to talk about a golden generation. "I would not be sub-writing," said Upper Austria. The European Championships have a fantastic experience for young players at a high international level. "They get the opponents from the countries and clubs, and each player is benefiting from that, and everyone has the opportunity to continue to get them; praising themselves for the team, "said Windtner.

The 68-year-old school is pleased with the additional organizational activities that come to the ÖFB through the EM partnership. "That's positive," said the ÖFB headteacher. It's good for the ÖFB-Elf to be so close to the hosting countries of Italy and San Martin. "It's a great event in our country. I'm sure Fankaravan will be great to come from Austria, and there may be one or two of our home games there."

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