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Influenza is a disease. get gradually. From the 2nd monthly week in January, Robert Koch's Institute has recorded more and more diseases. In the monthly weekly quarter, with over 4,000 cases confirmed, it was almost twice the previous week. How entrepreneurs and workers can best protect themselves.

Seamlessly. flu in the winter 2017/18 one the strongest one of the last few years, In the worst, the eighth week was a calendar, with almost 3,000 people with flu symptoms having visited the doctor every 100,000 people. That's the highest consultation value in the last ten seasons. In total, about a million million were infected by the doctor for flu symptoms, which are two million more than in other strong flu strains. In the eighth week alone, over 37,000 new flu cases were added, in the nineteenth week almost 44,000 cases.

Compared to that current numbers still comparatively low, Robert Koch Institute speaks of low activity.
For public flu season 2018/2019 there were 10,670 strong influenza in
in Germany. There were almost 750 people because of their strong complaints
Hospital, 27 people who suffered suffering from the disease died. The biggest impact has been
aged 2 to 4, and then a 35-
to 59 years of age – ie people of work age.

Breastfeeding for vulnerable groups

There is no total protection against his / her flu. Practitioners are particularly vulnerable
Groups to get vaccinated in advance – but now their flu vaccine is
still useful, and information to Barmer. Risk groups that include poor health,
Older people, health professionals and all people who care for patients with great risk. The best time for a vaccine, according to authorities and months of medical professional
October and November, because there is a time at & # 39; The vaccine is still to be done before the end
Flu waves are going on. On average, it takes 14 days to set up a vaccine protection.

However, even even those who have been vaccinated, do not have full security. last year Triple vaccine – it was protected against three different types of influenza – the most active material was not prevalent in 2017/18
Acute cereals (B viruses of Yamagata line). "An effective vaccine would be more widely available that did not fill in that gap
but was not repaid by health insurance ",
Professor criticized Tobias Welte, Director of Clinical for Medical Neurology
University of Hannover (MHH). Only the most expensive ones Quadruple vaccine The anti-operative anti-fluid activist toolkit this year.

For a flu vaccine 2018/19 health insurance will be overseen by the Robert Koch Institute
but the cost of a quadruple vaccine. The following should be covered by the Paul Ehrlich Institution:

  • A / Michigan / 45/2015 (H1N1) pdm09-like strain
  • A / Singapore / INFIMH-16-0019 / 2016 (H3N2) – a similar thing
  • B / Colorado / 06/2017 – the same strain (B / Victoria / 2/87-line)
  • Different of B / Phuket / 3073/2013 – similar strain (B / Yamagata / 16/88 online)

A scientific picture of the effectiveness of this season is available
at Eurosurveillance.

Wash hands and keep your pace

For all, whether or not they are immunized, the best protection is too cautious
& N. Has flu Talk, sneeze or direct communication dropped by droplet disease. "Because cough is a virus due to coughing
and streaming, is willing to & # 39; taken from half sick as possible, half a half
Meters, "said Ursula Marschall, Barmer's superintendent.
To avoid unwanted delivery, wash your hands regularly
and as little as possible in the face. After that, you could contact the viruses
A sick person can be welcomed by a handbag or something
Speaking she had previously been talking. "Daily handheld is to be avoided
flu is so important because a person is infectious
to be, if she does not reveal any marks, "said Marschall.

swine bullets

one: October and November are the best time for their flu vaccine.

Structure protection: After vaccination, it takes about two weeks to completely protect their protection
& N.

Group threats: Especially for risk groups such as women who are pregnant with a child, over 60 years or over
In severe diseases, flu can be a health hazard.
So, as well as health professionals and who care for their health; patient at risk
to recommend a & # 39; flu. In addition, everyone should be protected by
There is a greater risk in communication with many people of disease or danger
They can preserve people in their immediate environment.

Flu viruses are constantly changing

Not only in Germany but across Europe, the Vaccination is reducedWhen doctors want themselves. Billing data about the Kassenärztlichen groups
show that only 35% of people have over 60 vaccines in the 2015/16 season
left. As a consortium of German pharmacy society reports, yes
Last year's vaccine was 12.4 million in Germany last year, just the same number
as in preseason.

Indeed, a vaccine can only be effective if it is done every year
because of that Flu viruses are constantly changingFor each flu season, doctors and medicines can develop the mix of new drugs.
Usually, the vaccines are then effective between 40 and 60%. A vaccine will be & # 39; impact
depending on how well the rescue system reacts, but above all, how exactly
her / her vaccine will be & # 39; respond to the viruses that are distributed. In the 2015/16 season, the force was
lower than usual, ie more vaccine than usual. A vaccine
The previous flu season was 41% effective for all age groups, with
lower efficiency in older people.

A list of the approved vaccines is available here.

swine flu out

Flu: Suddenly ill

Arthritis symptoms are much faster than cold. After a period of two to two days they are in full strength
there. Dry prevention, muscle cancer, headaches and fever are so poor in some patients who need to go to hospital. In this year's flu season, adults were also aged 35
and 59 years – most people who work – above average

Stronger are the symptoms, the severe flu viruses that may include the elimination of severe viruses
He also fell ill; So at the beginning of such diseases is the largest, smaller and smaller.
On average, they are sick injured for four to seven days, The

Flue (flour) Cold (flu like a disease)
appeared to suddenly, with very poor confidence gradually increasing the decline
fever often between 38 and 41 degrees Celsius very high temperatures
cough usually pianail, coughing dry at first but dumb slimy, often without hurt
cold clogged nose and / or runny Regular, current and / or stubborn currents – usually tell cold
hurt bad illness, enjoyable muscles and cooperative pain Sometimes head and pain can be headed
tired strong collision, weakness Feeling Dullness
love anorexia The need is usually there
season December to April all year round, there are no influenza issues in the environment
disease disease influenza viruses more than 200 different protocols

Source: AOK, Health insurance in Hesse

Flu "fluid" caused by influenza viruses can be detected by a blood test, these viruses, like cold, do not cause
just the upper laird, but also the low respiratory tract. In a case of illness, the doctor may be
Although the signs are emotional, but the Effective control can not be kept in advance as a shovel. Antibiotics do not work on viral infections and they are even against the result.

A parallel to the flu that is in the face Happening to medical doctors at the Hannover Medical School
(MHH) one Increase in mitigation rates of mechanism found. From the beginning of the year, the patient used a heart attack heart attack for MHH, in months free of flu
Only 40, MHH said for flu vaccination. That flu
Heart attack can also be confirmed in case control investigation New England Journal of Medicine. Therefore, the risk of heart attack increased in the first seven days of illness
sixfold. Especially dangerous there are diseases with influenza B.

Flu is not fluent

Still speaking the truth is even then influenza, if it's just a disease; flu or diabetes cold meaning. But this usually usually takes a few days to rest and middle remedies for the relief of the features, to be fast enough.

But even here you can make mistakes, and warn Barmer. Green-gray spots
so need shortcuts, because they remove the paranasal sinuses better
and so help to prevent burning. But who is more than seven to ten
Spread days, & # 39; contradict the mucous shades. These again, individually
to a contract, independence rises.

If you need long-term support against cold, you should choose the election
Not to reach hypertonic sprays based on salt. Isotone is not working
mystery, but they grind the nasal mucous feeds, causing pathways
more difficult to settle. Humorous salmon sprayes contain a higher salt decay
as isotonic sprays. They affect them affecting by & # 39; affecting nasal mucosa
Remove too much water. Both can be used permanently.

Aerial flu, male flu and flu vaccine

It is parallel to the "human flu" always on bird flu. Because this is too
The slippers may be due to lower temperatures and higher humidity
spread better. Due to the migratory bird, more wild birds also reach other areas
together, to make disease more likely.

With 92 reported in fog and zoo farms, A & # 39; Largest Germany in 2016/2017
never experience a series of diseases. The following winter was
The logologist also found a search, but much less than last year. in
The current season has been running a & # 39; flu in early September
A foreign farm killed in Wismar 130 animals.

Although a H5N8 virus influenza is likely to be at risk of humans to date
increasing protection measures. Whoever finds a wild bird or dead should be
Do not contact directly and contact the responsible legal authority. people
which should be associated with excavations or potential wild birds, can be
Read information from Robert Koch Institute.

Aerial deer and swine disease

Compared to the virus H5N8 flu virus – this is not always a move to humans
found – with the H5N1 virus in the last few years around the world
Over 800 people who had been infected. in China There were more issues in the season, where people were at the time Aerial A (H7N9) spread.

a & # 39; Air flu symptoms in humans Similar to those who include classical flu: after a period of two to ten
Patients are suddenly experiencing high fever, coughing and respiratory diseases. In the following
For five to seven days, they develop a large stomach with respiratory disorders. Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut is a person who answers questions about a genuine airflow
, The
Details are also provided by the RKI here.

a & # 39; African swine fever It is also considered safe for humans, but very bad for the animals.
In recent times, two wild cowboys died in the disease in Belgie near Germany
Limits can be completed, pig farmers fear. For every domestic and wild cork almost all the disease is not always fatal. Further information is available from the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut.

Background information: Federal Center for Health Education: impfen-info.de, infektionsschutz.de, Robert Koch Institute.

Emergency plan for a flu disease

What entrepreneurs can do when it comes to having a big disease due to their normal work
in danger, the Civil Defense and Emergency Assistance Office also
The State Health Office of Baden-Württemberg in one Dissolved disease design manual collected. These entrepreneurs find more detailed information
also several checklistsHow they are the best to carry out their jobs in emergencies. To "manual full-hand handling design".

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