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Grazer Bankhaus Brüll Kallmus could be a mailing partner «

As described by the Standard, on Saturday, it would be possible for the national postal service to be found in their bank partner search.

11.42, March 30, 2019

BAWAG / PSK is only in history © APA / HERBERT NEW GROUP

The Mail Service continues to find a partner after the problem of FinTech Group has persisted in continuing to provide banking services after drawing BAWAG P.S.K. an offer. Now she could have with it Bankhaus Brüll Kallmus with a seat in Grazthe GraWe is looking for. This writes "The Standard" (preview weekend), citing people who want to find a career.

Monitoring analysis requires a start on audit, according to a newspaper report. Postman did not want to comment on the Saturday events. We know Swiss Post is looking for a mate: "There are discussions and a variety of opportunities"He said at first.

As a medium-term aim in post circles, it is hoped that the full threshold should be adopted, according to "Der Standard". According to the newspaper report, no bank statements have been received.

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