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Hamilton is expecting the biggest fight: "Ferrari is the fastest thing"

Lewis Hamilton estimates Mercedes is a " laments one second on Ferrari. He talks about the biggest challenge in the last few years, but he & # 39; reassures his team that he still gets the loop.

There is a great fear of the hero in the world. Lewis Hamilton also talks about Ferrari into their favorite place. "This is the fastest car at this time. This is the biggest fight we have so far and a huge challenge to get up." Hamilton is a " Mercedes thinks that; Lament for half a second on the Ferrari, but he wants to wait for final certification, the last survey of the engineers. The strategists believe after deleting their last end is between two or three tenth.

The GPS dimensions Hamilton depend solely carefully that they appear to be the truth. "How do you want to evaluate the engine program, tank content and wing flexibility to reduce the air. We believe Ferrari is ahead of us but it can be amazing how well to bad. "

At the word "Flexi-Flügel" we listen. Does Hamilton mean that the games compete with flexible wings? The Mercedes machine also misses: "I do not know what Lewis is talking about."

Find more lap time with more understanding

In principle, Hamilton is confirming his / her opinion; his company Valtteri Botta. "Grow the car better in the second week, but many of us still want to learn about it. That's why the factory's next week is really important to us. We hope, with greater understanding, that we get one, two tenth. "

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes - Barcelona - Test F1 - 28 February, 2019

Photograph: Stefan Baldauf

Only at the yard the Mercedes test was in front of the Ferrari.

The supporter does not have a defense to think that Mercedes can repossess his / her; his aero conception. "It would be wrong to lose the peace now. I think the teams have the quizzes at this time. Ferrari also explores our philosophy. We know that We do not have the best car yet. So, we should first understand how long we can, instead of making a quick decision. "

Hamilton promotes an uncomfortable development race between Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. "I have all the confidence in this team that he can do the job. Although we have not been quicker in the test drivers in recent years, the gap was never so big at this time . It's likely that Ferrari is starting to develop their next month's car. And they have more people than us. "

Midfield has come closer

The concert promises us to give us at least one season: "Red Bull is at the top and the other teams have come closer to us. It seems that the backup is "Hamilton has been introduced to the tough problems in a monosyllable:" I prefer to say nothing about the new tires. It's a bigger job than a long time. Last year so they can work. Indeed, it can also be because we drive around a lot of trial drivers with a lot of gasoline. Their car has never been a feeling good. "

Mercedes number 1 is pleased that the eight Barcelona test days have passed. "I have never been to support trial drivers." Before the beginning of the session in Melbourne, there are two sports days left. On the weekend he runs to Paris for Fashion Week. The trip to the factory in Brackley is followed by a eleven trip to MotoGP in Qatar. "Give me a look at how the motorcyclists are dealing with a race weekend and how they prepare themselves." The Englishman is Warning at the same time: "Do not interpret too much in this trip. I'm too old for a motorcycling."

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