Herbert Achternbusch to the 80th: Achadhternbusch A & A

The German cultural history of its & # 39; This moment, in which Christ is rising from the cross and afterwards swimmering with a handmade. Then Blasphemy then, in 1982, was a big shift. Because, for example, this Christ carefully inquires about her & her; sadness at Mother Superior. Subsequently, there were objections from the Catholic Church and musicians from the theater, or in the playgrounds, as well as in Austria. The truth ended about "The Ghost" because Herbert Achternbusch will not get his or her money, at least not to be in part, The Federal Interior Minister Friedrich Zimmermann was used. Achternbusch had to fight in court.

Herbert Achternbusch, filmmaker, actor, painter, writer-writer, writer – Thomas Bernhard from South Germany and at least his descendant Karl Valentin. The notorious Grantler, an archaeologist and a great baker created the famous phrase "I'm not even dead in Bavaria", called the minister "inside". They saw the Antichrist, who cursed his black and white position as nihilistic. If you look at "The Ghost" today, you'll see the unhealthy, dark, dark – still-play theater.

Dusan film, 40 books, a picture of incredible pictures

Achternbusch, born in Munich, grew up in the Bavarian Forest and long ago since he was in Stay in Munich, dating 80 this Friday. It has been removed from the public for a long time. Although it is different to Bernhard, he has always been alone with friends, guest houses, a teammate behind his camera. It's too bad that it does not halt more or more; appear at festivals. Its problem is missing, and refusal to stimulate culture, and so Bavarian was to; pronunciation and so quickly not to resist conflicts, a & # 39; surrender to themselves, to do so alone, to resist each other.

Achternbusch's life history contains more than two dozen films, 40 books, the most famous "Die Alexanderschlacht" in 1971, 20 times very successful plays ("Ella") and his role as a visual cameras, often a & # 39; making huge, wild images. The good taste? Craft? Ok? Logic? Even even let it down, it may always be a think. After his first screen "Das Andechser Gefühl" (1974), the author's film maker turned to her; The first time out grotesque as "The Young Monk" (Bavaria bomb bomb), "The last hole" (Holocaust remembers: a schnapps for all the victims who were murdered) and "The Depp" (poison Franz Josef Strauss in the Hofbräuhaus). Absurd materials for an unhealthy world. His last man, "The basking of one hand", from the date of 2002.

He has been quiet around Achternbusch. In Munich they celebrate it at least, with a recommendation in the Filmmuseum and an exhibition at the Lenbachplatz. That's good. And congratulations to Berlin!

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