High season for cold and cold: advice for winter

Distribution. That trip is again, especially today in the autumn and winter, the cold and the cold rise. The head is chopped, the neck is & # 39; dredging and running the nose: there are some basic rules that n; help to strengthen the body's natural wings.

Every year again: Winter is coming, it's a become cold and uncomfortable again. Pathogens have an easy time in cold and dirty weather. Cold and cold are back in fashion, so to talk. But if you follow a few rules, it is a & # 39; Strengthen the security system and you will come through the healthy winter. "Alpha and Omega, protect against the cold, alleviate the defense system," said Dr. Michael Kraus, the Indian doctor Gebietskrankenkasse (NÖGKK). "There are many ways to strengthen the body's protection system and to move into the cold time. In addition to a rich and balanced diet, aerial activity is one of the key benefits." a & # 39; supported by smoking stop. A alcohol solution is also beneficial. "Do not stress and provide plenty of relaxation. As a result of the constant protection of the system's security system. In addition, the accommodation, a & # 39; supplying enough sleep with their body to strengthen the body's protection in the dark season, "the definition of the NÖGKK doctor. The pathogens will heat rooms. Our mucous shades are a natural shield against viruses and other pathogens. So the right hospitality is of paramount importance. The heat of heat produces the mucous shades and makes it easy for a pathogen. In the winter, it's so important to go to # 39; Maintaining the high altitude in rooms and taking away well. "It is also essential to drink very much," said Dr Kraus. "Every day at least two liters of water or herbs and fruit plants. Whenever you have a cold, it is even more important to increase the enlarged balance and to catch the teacup." In a & # 39; winter, it is almost impossible to go with the virus. The science has about 200 species that may be responsible for coldness. Generally, it is proposed that people be avoided. "Indeed, this is not always possible," said the NÖGKK doctor. "That's why it's more important to follow the hygiene rules and to cleanse your hands properly." Simple and very effective care is against infections.

Statistics for the Toll Leave of Rates

In a 46 calendar week, 65 people in the Scheibbs area were reported to have been unable to work due to flu and flu diseases.

For comparison:

  • Last week, 57 people were diagnosed with this review.
  • In the 46/2017 calendar week there were 61 people sick with this review.

Feedback from the NÖGKK Scheibbs

  • Outdoors in nature: Using outside to & # 39; weight reduction, ensure that blood circulation is good and its; Strengthening the circulation and temperature change of the body. New air also encourages healthy sleeping. All those effects will strengthen a & # 39; body, designed to protect bats and protect against infections. Rehabilitation times will add a lot to each other.
  • Eat healthy, healthy healthy: A rich and varied diet rich in fruit and vegetables helps protect the system.
  • Drink plenty: Make sure you have enough alcohol. The drink of plants and water should be drunk to a large extent.
  • A ventilation helps: Look at the nobility in the heat rooms and remove the room well.
  • Cold-teth: Changing shades with hot and cold water, strengthen the defense forces.
  • Smoking is damaging the protection system: Smokers should be able to avoid cold cigarettes because mucus can be more difficult.
  • Be aware of alcohol: A hundred percent who commit something that can not last. Initially, great wine can add a warmer inside, but the effect of a & # 39; Distribution of alcohol to ensure that the body is give the heat faster. Alcohol, which affects the balance of heat, hot tea or hot broth, on the other hand, works incredibly.
  • hygiene: Wash hands frequently and in detail, do not use farmers together. It can be hand-held or casual; Attacking door handles or handling is easily brought to disease. If a person then unnecessarily affects their nose or mouth, the legs will be opened up to the mucous patches.

Despite influenza virus; Despite all care, you can not get away from a doctor's and bed trip.

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