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Mr Steiger, the WhatsApp profile of Swiss students recently stolen. Why are people like this?


Do you use WhatsApp?

It can be a joke. However, it often happens that someone has information on the identity of the person involved and their links to buy images, for example.

What is the risk of doing & # 39; suffer such an attack?

The call is to confirm the classic number of the classic for these accounts. As an unprofessional, an application can be made quickly that it is difficult to comply with such requests. But one of them is to forget: We are all saved to submit any codes. As a result, we have a risk to introduce a code that allows someone to remove our accounts.

What other games are used to make users & # 39; steal their profile?

Chickens can also create a profile if you request the confirmation code by email. If the PIN knows for a & # 39; leaflet or is sure, trailers can access their photocopy. But it can also be people in their area to become firefighters. I introduced some criminal issues in which young men used to use WhatsApp profiles of colleagues to worrying their women, for example, nude pictures.

How to manage to be & # 39; reconciliation in the foreign accounts?

It just happened. As soon as someone gives the phone out of the hand, it can give offscring to someone else and then sign in to the browser through the QR code at WhatsApp. Then the guilty will guide the image through WhatsApp in a & # 39; browser.

What should one do to protect himself against such attacks?

To be on the safe side, one will perform the test in two steps in the app. For example, every time you try to prove a telephone number, you must also send a PIN first by the user. Also, I recommend to & # 39; Investigate the settings that other devices have signed into WhatsApp. And, in fact, you should tell about any code that emerges from anywhere.

How do you respond when a stranger disturbing the profile name?

I recommend that WhatsApp is encouraged to disable the image. If it is not helpful, one step is to get a new phone number.

Can anyone take such tenants?

The attacks are under Hacking offense. Unfortunately, it can be very busy to identify and stop the people who make people – especially if they are overseas.

About the person: Martin Steiger is an IT lawyer in Zurich.

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