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Law ORF: The TV is to be paid

a & # 39; ERO are busy building his new 'player'. The first information showed that the Director of ORF was Alexander Wrabetz and a project manager Franz Manola Wednesday at a backdrop. It is planned to implement some implementation this year for this year. Elements are prepared that require an administrative or even a change to the law. Wrabetz also makes strong recommendations about what the law should be.

It is no longer a recognized 7-day rule (ie that is) ERO his material can only be displayed on TV every week for seven days, the Director-General said: “It is a Nobrainer” and not t nobody wants to keep him. "It's about more": The legislature needs to ask, "how can our project, ERO plans for the stage in the future. "

The answer is that the current online extension of the site should be extended to ORF into a believing "public access access port," Wrabetz, The ORF player should be anchored in the law "as a program". That would be a possibility for "the lawyers of the media to watch back in decades", said the head of ORF. More importantly the question, “whether it is now making three, five or ten-person tables”, so affecting the discussions, how should the ORF process look like future.

Partnership with myIDsafe

The player shouted ORF Wrabetz as the “entire cosmos”, which want to bring “modules” together. For example, "24/7 streaming" or "social program" Manola particularly enthusiastic and enthusiastic ERO "a large piece of social media" wants to deliver it. The "Sportscreen" should set all sports content according to the personal preferences of the audience, giving parents and children a “Safe Environment” for “Kidscreen”.

"Audio" is missing ERO Audio present "live radio coverage", main Podcasts collections, conducted Manola -machine. "Topos" should be a "massive public offer" on science, culture and religious issues. And the “open campus” is also shown as a kind of playground for creative industry and film, with pilots, a small series, short films and so on.

a & # 39; ERO also on board with the recently submitted login membership ("myIDsafe") and the ORF player should be associated with Austria's general login – linked to the GIS. This would also "reduce the flow gap" without changing the law, he said Wrabetz, In 2015, the Court of Administration confirmed that the Internet requirement does not just meet the GIS requirement. An offer of ORF can be used online but you can still pay out of the GIS Wrabetz often regarded as a “gap gap”.

Conflict "online first"

To execute it, the ORF player will be gradual. The technical requirements are being worked hard. These models, which can be implemented because of the current legal position, will come first – around 24/7-Streams, the Social Program or Sport Guide. Sport. Implementation is expected to be completed this year.

Some projects may require some thought. T ERO with a prescribed prescription exam nominated by the media authority, suitable proposals will be submitted quickly to KommAustria. And some things are not covered by the relevant law OR. It finds it difficult to do “first online” or even “on-line” material as well as archive material. Furthermore, a limit to barriers to mobile machinery is projected to be desired ERO for his best.

Also available for other media

But there is no way around the concept of ORF, as explained WrabetzHe commented on the rapid change in video consumption behavior, particularly amongst young people and how international platforms are online. a & # 39; ERO and "European media" would need to make a "small donation" against the above constraints and "switching from a pure flowed broadcaster to the content platform". Where: "Our job is to serve both", also "our classical legacy, television and radio programs".

Platform modules should be open to other Austrian providers, such as the Guide to Social Program through API. “Wherever possible, we want to make things open so that others can get involved,” he said WrabetzCost of the "basic investment" in the player that identified it in the "one-digit" field.

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