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Metro Exodus: The third part of the Metro series currently available – GAMEtainment

Deep Silver and 4A Games are saying they are very much spread BBC Guide for the Xbox One family that includes the Xbox One X, the PlayStation®4 PC and PC computer entertaining system.

In the closing of the newsletters:

After the development of five years, Metro Exodus players get out of Artem and a group of Spartan Rangers from the darkness that is in the dark. continually in Metro Metro tunnels and the beginning of a major tour across Russia's continent. In doing this, Metro Exodus will have a & # 39; build on the former ones with fans and also offer independent freedom and research opportunities in the decline of Russia after Scotland.

Encouraged by the Metro Roman series at Dmitry Glukhovsky, the famous Metro-renowned world-wide games for the atmosphere they are doing, good play experience, giving stories in detail, and a complex game world. Now Metro 2033 and Metro: the last Light may have been established as total cultural games. Well, five years later, Deep Silver and 4A Games are ready, BBC Guideto set out the third installment of the Metro series, and bring players around the world to access one of the world's largest and world games; always.



We wrote this year 2036.
A quarter of a hundred years after the world was killed by a nuclear, several thousands of people who are living in the suburban tunnels of Moscow ruins.
They have defended themselves against the poisonous environment, and the fighting of the foul, and # 39; survive paranormal horrors and burn in civil war flames.
In Artyom's job, it is now possible to be & # 39; A group of Spartan Rangers headed eastwards over most of Russia after supporting them for a safe environment.
Explore the Russian wilderness in informal levels and experience the fascinating story that runs every season, from spring through the summer and its. fall into the nuclear winter.
Encouraged by Dmitry Glukhovsky's stories, Metro Exodus continues to have events in Artjom in the biggest metro event to date.



  • Start an amazing journey
    • On board the steam locomotive on a bad yard, Aurora, you set out a number of people who came to life to start a new life.
  • Sandbox Survival
    • The story that creates a & # 39; Classic classical meter connection with gigantic non-line levels.
  • A beautiful, deadly world
    • Get Russia out of Scotland, the fascinating wildlife that survives by changing day and night as well as the vibrant weather effects.
  • Marital fault and stealth skills
    • Loot Loot and personalization for weapons of handwritten weapons. People of faceballs and enemy factors in an amazing battle.
  • Find out what happened to your companions
    • Everyone does not fit your destination in life. Your conclusions have a direct impact on the story and what happened to a companion, which ensures high transcription value.
  • Moving and unwanted atmosphere
    • Foggy candles in the dark, gutting under your gas-free gas mask, and sheep behaviors in the night's night – Metro will invade you have no other game!

Metro Exodus is now available for the Xbox One family, including Xbox One X, Computing Diet System, PlayStation®4 and PC.

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