Recall of VW, Skoda and Suidhe: Accident risk due to material deficiencies


VW, Seat or Skoda driver should be able to look at their operations: Access material from Alcar Wheels is adversely affected and presents a safety risk.

Hirtenberg / Austria – Some Volkswagen, Seat or Skoda drivers should immediately review their cars: this only applies to vehicle owners who have bought their car by making reefs. of the company Alcar Wheels GmbH.

The Austrian company makes steel wheels that are suitable for many vehicles from Group Volkswagen and now they achieve the return result. According to the manufacturer, it is found "that many wheels were found to be the result of a blatant failure in some situations, the air would suddenly lose." VW Golf, Golf Golf Course, Golf Sportsvan and E-Golf.

Drivers are often at risk of continuing the hazardous impacts of the dangerous effects: As Alcar Wheels said further, "this could cause sufficient control of the vehicle and result in pressure. T disaster. " As with the company explained, there is a monitoring regime of affected cars. However, based on our driving tests, it is impossible to guarantee that the driver will be warned. T

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As Alcar Wheels further substantiates, the material supply is carried out with steel stats with article 7755 and representation date 17/18. Anyone interested in arriving at the workshop should immediately attend a workshop – the vehicle may no longer be used. As Alcar Wheels publishes, there is no extra charge for victims, the wheels will be free for new models, without meaning.

Because of the dangerous effect for the end user Edeka made a newspaper headline. A profit was taken away from sales, and the result could even be deadly in the worst case.

Millions of Fisher-Price rockers have been recalled around the world. A number of babies died in it.


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