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Rechnungshof: Austria's Head of Statistics has reformed proposal

Rechnungshof: Austria's Head of Statistics has reformed proposal

Vienna. The Federal Chancellor states that there are plans for communicating the Statistical Office.

Court of Audit: Austria President of Statistics has reformed proposal

Konrad Pesendorfer Image: APA / HERBERT PFARRHOFER

The signs follow that Austria's largely independent Independent Statistics should be closely linked to the Federalist Chancellor as part of a reform, yesterday, the General Director of the Federal Church, Konrad Pesendorfer, on the crime.

In a letter to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (VP) and with the National Council, Pesendorfer recommended the statistical office of the Court of Auditors model. Therefore, Austria Statistics would no longer be under the control of the Chancellor, but to the National Council. He also had the president chosen by "a majority of two-thirds" with "full responsibility and budgetary responsibility". Annual parliamentary statistics programs and annual reports will also be confirmed in the Parliament.

Pesendorfer, who came to an end in Austria's Statistics in 2010 as economic policy advisor of former chancellor Werner Faymann (SP), thus obtaining independence with a base of 800 workers. Assistance for Pesendorfer, who has not been restored to the contract, came out immediately from the dispute. For now, Bruno Rossmann's headwind leader with the Court of Auditors model "auszuschlieen any wish".

In any case, Neos boss Beate Meinl-Reisinger wants to interfere with the Austrian Statistics promotional work from going to the Chancellor's office. Due to the fact that the office is & # 39; short confirmation, "what numbers, data and facts are stated, the way to led democracy is not far away". Just to this cost, yesterday a clear appeal from Ballhausplatz came. It is planned "there is no connection to the Chancellor's public relations," said government spokesman Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal. It gave an interim balance of the internal reform group. He says that the Office of Austria Statistics Statistics should be reduced from eight to two "full-time equals" as they will again focus on the work of the purest media. The recommendation of Pesendorfer wanted – along with President of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka (VP) – there is no idea.

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