Regular homework or walking as a sporting place?

Daily activities can be healthy for their body

Want to do something for your health and at least lose weight? Then forget the latest fitness traits or visit the sports hall. Experts have now found that everyday activities and activities such as housework, food behaviors and climbing steps can be as healthy for people like exercise.

Researchers at the University of Sydney investigated their current research that homework and some normal day-to-day activities can be classified as intensive physical side events (HIIPA), which, as a sport, good for our health. The researchers published the results of the survey in the English magazine "British Journal of Sports Medicine".

There are a range of daily events, such as short walks, climbing steps and children's play that improve health and wellbeing. (Image: Kzenon /

Short daily activities are rising

The intensive interim training is known as a whole in fitness studio and fitness classes. Are unstructured activities such as walking, housework and climbing stranding to similar health benefits such as fitness training; do? Experts will apply. These activities are usually very short, but they will add them all day. For example, if you climb the staircase at your home, it may only bring a few fingers, but if you learn the stairs three or four times a day, this can up to a few minutes, or even more, with exercise or other housework Hours per day.

Day-to-day activity can include more intense physical activity

Incidental part of physical activity during the day includes shorter sections of physical activity more intense, which brings more health benefits compared to rigorous intensity. Possibility to include the principles of High Intermediate Training (HIIT) into everyday life can be the main objective of being able to; getting people inactive and overweight to develop the exercises and exercise they need to improve their health, which the authors say. There are regular incidental actions in which people are physically challenged for a few fingers and may be out of the breath as a benefit to health.

What in high intensity activities?

The scientists report, by performing three to five busy tasks daily for just five to ten minutes on and off; Most days of the week, that people could achieve great health benefits. For some middle-aged people, activities such as running and playing with children, a staircase or a staircase; Getting back from working on your bike is really intense. The beauty of the highly intense physical side (HIIPA) activities is that they are consistently made in everyday life, and explain the authors of the study. There are more advantages that there are no additional costs, there is no special equipment required and people are not constrained from doing the activity because they can not do it if they have appropriate skills or fitness.

Not only sports, but daily activities and walks also burn inclinations. For example, according to a survey published by Harvard Health Publishing, only 30 minutes of gardening will cause you to burn around 200 calories. It's even playing with a & # 39; children do not carry grilled food; help you reduce too many notes and & # 39; burning inclinations. (Mar)

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