Report: American Ripper killed Nipsey Hussle dead in Los Angeles

Los Angeles (APA / AFP) – An American golfer named Nipsey Hussle, grandson of death, according to a media report. The NBC News station reported on Sunday, the 33-year-old was killed in Los Angeles with paintings. A spokesperson for the police told the AFP newsgroup on demand only, there had been a shot by dead and two injured. The person who has been the victim of the crime is running.

Only Hussle had written in the Twitter short message service: "It is a blessing to keep up with strong enemies."

He was a little known for rapper for a long time. Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z then bought 100 of its mixes for $ 100 each. The first album at Hussles "Victory Lap" was nominated for a Grammy in February for the best rap album. Hussle lost to rapper Cardi B, who won the prize for her album "Invasion Of Privacy".

Musicians are now horrified that the 33-year-olds have died. "He soon went away," wrote rapper Snoop Dogg on Instagram. He was "sad" and remembers the good times that they would both have.

Anna diva Rihanna wrote on Instagram that she was "shaken". "That doesn't make any sense.

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