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Reptile: debate about vaccine

Health warning in Styria: 14 cases of caution are confirmed this year, 50 patients were cured for their sake; virus, containing 28 babies. Also, in Tyrolean Landscapes, six babies who were able to be involved in a child with herbaceous in order to be included in the Innsbruck Children's Hospital. In Salzburg, seven sickened fellows with measles. There is a great disappointment. The disease may have a life threatening and 20% have a risk; suffering problems such as lungs or brain flows.

The way in which Austria's hedgehog is & # 39; falling to Ukraine. According to the Styrian Landessanitätsdirektion, both Styrian and Salzburg issues are generating from Ukraine.

Now there is an allergy on her vaccine

The author Günther Kräuter wants to & # 39; including a vaccine's requirement in the mother-mother's license: "Those who suffer especially special children, who should not be immunized yet."

The Minister of Health, Beate Hartinger-Klein (FPÖ), decisively declined responsibility: "A vaccine is against a voluntary crusher."

Medication society is against the vaccine

Patient Candidate Sigrid Pilz is seeking vaccination for health professionals and educators. "Immunization status should just be taken care of for those posts," said Thomas Szekeres, President of the Medical Society. But he refuses a general obligation for a vaccine. The NEOS declares that the share of the family is connected to the provenance of vaccination.

Solidarity. SPÖ Pamela Rendi-Wagner's party leader is urging his / her; vaccine as a "procurement function", but so babies and older people can protect them. He agrees with the government in their preferred way to protect vaccine.

Vaccine disease in Italy has been reduced by vaccine

Out of the 12,279 glasses recorded in the EU between December 2017 and November 2018, 2,548 were reported in Italy, according to data from the European Center for Bad Disease and Control (ECDC). There were seven deaths in Italy. Hopeful: In the previous year's reporting period, there were almost twice as many cases with 5,042 bladder diseases. Then in July 2017, the vaccine requirement, which provides ten mandatory vaccines for school-age children, was accepted. including measles, microbiology, greensheets, polio, sticks or wet leaves. However, Lega North and Five Star governments face their vaccine: it is & # 39; Parents recommend their child, but they should not be excluded from school unless they get vaccinated.

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