Samsung has to delete Notch with a smartphone pen

Zoom based

As Android Police reports, the patent is delivering, a Camera to take part in the S Pen, an pin data, the based part of Galaxy Note It is a smartphone series of nice choir manufacturers. a & # 39; Camera In pen, there are many lens that allow zoom to be selected. Although smartphone cameras are largely due to space problems, there will be digital zoom only, Camera Better for the competition with flexible zoom.

Also reset for back camera

According to Patently Mobile, users can be able to; Quality expectations better images when they were moving. in & # 39; smart & # 39; On the other hand, no additional space would be needed for the design of a new camera. A bay in the Galaxy Note models is reserved for S Pen directly. a & # 39; Camera in pin data In the future Look at smartphones, both sides and the back can be Camera place.

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