SEN 2019/20: New CEO and Extremely successful pieces for the anniversary

Vienna (APA) – The ORF Symphony Orchestra (SEN) will be known to have the launch event in 2019/20. On the one hand, the orchestra marks their 50th anniversary. Alternatively, it's also the first orchestral season under the new leader Marin Alsop, which will take place in September. 85 concerts, including eleven world visions, are featured in the program.

As a result, the SENCO is committed to focusing on contemporary music even under the eighth principal – and his first chief executive. Musikverein will stage six concerts next season as well as two concerts at the Salzburg festival in addition to the Wien Modern festival. The theater has five operatic projects: the "Salome", on "Rusalka", "The Fiery Angel", "Halka" and the first scene of Christian Jost's world of Egmont.

In Radiokulturhaus, the chamber music series "Aus nah Nähe" continues, and the specific "Hollywood in Vienna" and "Christmas in Vienna" projects continue to be promoted. Before the Christmas holidays, however, they still identify themselves in the first half of the first half. RSO: On November 6, 2019, Alsop organized a special concert in Radiokulturhaus, where she Symphony Symphony No. 2 by Robert Schumann with the "Three Movements for Orchestra" by Friedrich Cerha together.

Most of her work involved mixing Viennese's rich musical tradition with the making of modern music, and a 62-year-old Alsop who was happy to publish the projects t Monday: "I think it is good that there is an orchestra at the proposal, Let Hindemith's game & it's!" 39; B&M may not be a year-time.

As the first season was women that many of the host directors and many of the playwriters were, it was a joy to her. Its first round of SEN will bring the extraordinary leadership across the provinces in Austria in May 2020: "Getting to know the country and different communities is very important to me." , the RSO also travels further afield and plays in the next season. at the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival and the famous George Enescu festival in Bucharest, for example, before going on to Korea and China.

With all new strategies, however, at least a few overviews are recorded in the year of the SEN specification. For example, attempts were made to create the collection for the collection, which played a particular part in the history of the ensemble, emanating from the 1969 Orchestra from Austrian Broadcasting College, line-up with artistic director Christoph Becher. . Amongst them are Bela Bartok, the "Wonderful Mandarin" or "Frankenstein !!" HK Gruber: "The anniversary season is the best chance to remember such a thing."

ORF Director-General Alexander Wrabetz praised the ORF structure's orchestra at times when there were talks about the ORF mission: "SEN is an important part of the ORF cultural fleet." And on the other hand, SEN will receive strength even from life with the ORF, the significant works would continue to be broadcast on television and radio. And last but not least, radio director Monika Eigensperger "of orchestra Rosen" admired: "The RSO has been developed into a best-selling orchestra of sympathetic literature. "

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