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When it comes to smart smart budget phones compared to older flagship models, the decision – in real terms – will depend on how your "old" might be your main feature. We list all the advantages and disasters of each camp […]

The selection of cheap budget devices on & # 39; market is now unfinished. But can they make such a game up with a flagship before? (c)

If you are looking for appropriate mobile phones for a low budget, the lower-cost old appliances can look more like that. Most low cost tools today.

Once you're ready to go without the information and experience; You have the best smartphone phones on your market, if it's important if your phone is & # 39; Does Snapdragon 825 run or Snapdragon 845?

We looked at the numbers to find out which two options are most beneficial: the new budget device or the main Android perspective?

If you buy a smartphone with a budget

Today, Chinese brands such as Huawei and Oppo have greatly expanded the hard-hitting of budget tools. In the meantime, you would have to pay extra for more advanced features such as 18: 9 shows, branch-type banners, or a radio tax. This is not happening today, as many of these options are now considered as general. The foundation for what smartphone is offered – whether or not a budget – is much higher than it would be.


  • Android's latest version
  • Newer technology technology
  • Longer battery life
  • More memory board and RAM


  • The worst / cheapest showcasing technology
  • Worksheets and fewer skins of design
  • There are often large scales
  • It may not be hard enough for some games

If you buy a model of old age

Although the levels for what is expected of modern and innovative telephones have changed in recent years, these are not all different. Anyway, this is the most ambitious argument for choosing a key cheaper device, even though its value has been written long ago online compared to a more recent budget tool.

The benefits of this situation are easy to see. You get a better and more advanced thing. You can not benefit from some of the best life-to-life improvements you need to offer, or you do not have access to more powerful cameras today, but the crème de la crème or a few years ago.


  • Higher assignation
  • More scam
  • Factors form a harder form


  • It can run on an older version of Android
  • Fewer RAM and board memory
  • It may not be a two-dimensional camera
  • And maybe worse consumer support for older materials

What offers better price improvement ratio?

We decided to prove this by comparing Samsung's profit data pages between 2015 and 2016 with a new budget template; company, the Galaxy J5 Pro, and Galaxy A8 mid-size.

It is worth noting that there are several boundaries. We can not fully compare the quality and performance of camera, as well as the importance of individual job work that is important to you as a consumer. We will significantly keep the numbers on the page, and # 39; try to prove the story they are saying.

In addition, our sample level is too small for being a general indication that smart smartphone budget is better than an old banner. The test means to & # 39; shows and emphasizes why today's budget devices are far from being able to compete with old books.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs. Samsung Galaxy A8 (c) IDG

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs. Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro (c) IDG

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy A8 (c) IDG

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro (c) IDG

Fourth year

When it comes to smart smart budget phones compared to older flagship models, the decision – in real terms – will depend on how your "old" might be your main feature.

If you're trying to do something that is currently three or four years old, like another Samsung Galaxy S5, a budget model such as the J5 Pro could be more acute shopping . Although not so sharp when it comes to an exhibition or the process, software technology and software experience are still better enough to make this compromise valuable.

In contrast, middle-level modules such as the Galaxy A8 offer much better value compared to the old models of the Galaxy S5 and S6. RAM, ROM, processes, displays and camera technology found on smartphones have developed and developed as soon as the A8 has emerged as the winner clearly in our comparisons.

In addition, if you have to choose between an old banner and a real budget device, and at the end it depends more widely on the features you want to use, as well as the appearance and the design of the digital phone like that.

If you wanted to choose from an old free banner and a modern media series, there would be no competition: The world-wide smartphone market offers more value today than ever before.

* Fergus Halliday is a editor of PC World Australia.

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