Sungness Type 2: Which is a rule, a & # 39; control blood sugar levels

Most of the albums are & # 39; suffering from diabetes type 2 You do not have to swallow or rubbish records on insulin away. The following is just a simple measure for victims of normal blood glucose levels.

People with diabetes type 2 have a good chance to control the disease through diet and exercise changes. Above, heavy depressions should lose weight, and explain the illnessist of Professor Knut Mai of the Charité in Berlin. Relationship and type 2 diabetes are closely related.

Gort of members is also the cause of type 2 diabetes

In people with diabetes type 2 – The most common type of diabetes – Although the body makes the insulin a hormone that is; reducing blood sugar, it does not work properly in the cells again. The conflict called an insulin called this can be caused by the obesity of my body.

Type 2 diabetes lose weight and its; move more, the fat burning is strengthened, and the organs and muscles react better to the insulin again. So people who always have an impact should always struggling for a healthiest lifestyle. But if this is not going to the goal, drugs are being used.

Losing weight works well with formula diet

In order to carry out normal blood sugar levels, however, a significant pressure has been helpful, and stresses Professor Andreas Pfeiffer from Potsdam-Rehbrücke at the German Institute for Food Research (DIfE). Avoid at least 15 kilograms inside a & # 39; The first six years after he became aware of diabetes, according to a survey from Britain, there are the best opportunities.

Most of the # 39; The patient is Prof. May be removed with the help of a called formula diet. Food is introduced in full or totally by leaking melting in beer. "The patient is only carrying about 800 kilocalories per day for about eight weeks"explaining Dr. Mai.

A 220-kilogram man brings about half of his weight – – That's how it's like now, The

Need for diabetes type 2: it will maintain a normal weight

It is important that this happens under medical guidance. Why? "For example, high blood pressure is usually reduced by rapid pressure loss – the medication must change like that. "According to Prof., patients lost 8 to 15 per cent of the weight of their body fat diet.

According to Pfeiffer and Mai it is harder to keep the pressure. "Unfortunately, we see a patient getting faster," Mai said. Position: In a nutrition consultation, you can learn what foods may be better, "Inspections suggest that it should be more abundant of protein and has a low glycemic index."

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Sport is so important in diabetes as the correct diet

May praises relatives to the people affectedFirst of all, it's hard to eat healthy when there are no others at the table. And secondly, there is a fair and healthy diet for all.

In addition, exercise is important to lose the highest fat loss, but less than muscles as part of weight loss. Oatmeal after that is done best in the company, "Find a full training or running organization," his advice. So the threshold is more restricted, not to train. Finally someone is waiting there.


Inspection surveys: take this pill – and the notes to grow in hair.


Sickness of diabetes: You should know that

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