Synthetic illness – It is expected that an insulin blasting device will be replaced by a high tech capsule

For diabetic patients, it is the same: you need to throw the essential insulin hormone every day. The reason: Her muscles are big and sensitive, so they will not go into the blood of blood through the excavation method, describing Alex Abramson from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge , USA: "We wanted to develop high tech pill, the most effective insulin The insulin should be inserted directly into the stomach wall – into the stomach wall, because it is different and so safe. "

A leopard tortoise spoke to researchers

The problem: The big stomach is moving. The caps would have to be in the right place on the wall alone and independently of any movement. It is only then the active material being damaged in particular. "That's why we have taken an example of Leopard's Chilean, with its flat shells, and its top and globe shape, so the middle of the sculpture is down, so the animal does not have a & Falling, our capsule is self-directed and carried out in the stomach. "

The techno-tech pill is the size of herbicide, with a flat, heavy cover made of stainless steel and a high bag made of light, incredible plastic plates . In the capsule microneedle is pushed from insulin lyophilised. "The microneedle is sitting on a co-reefed ridge that is held instead of a drop of sugar-like material, and in the moisture of the stomach, the substance like sugar will be melted, breaking and discharging the plumage, and then striking the smoother insulin into the stomach wall. "The patient does not feel emotional because pain at his death stomach wall, the researchers are writing.

There is no insulin capsule but first

Animal surveys have shown that a body incorporates so many insulin cells; Using this way as it does with subcutaneous injection – in the measure that a patient with a type 2 diabetes illness had to be melted: "The capsule we used in the exams worked for this freedom is only working on an empty stomach, which can insert the insulin jumps as quickly as possible, and then discharge the drug over the next few days. hours, but we can control the level of discharge that the patient has been sufficiently absorbed by insulin for a long time. "

Then the ruins of the capsule would only be left through the excavation system, and there would be no adverse impact on animal exams, Alex Abramson said. It is insulin, which follows, just first. They want to test a variety of drugs that can not be managed through attacks and splitting. However, a lot of time goes before the capsule is ready for its & # 39; market: which includes all clinical tests, "slaughter strands" may be so ready for a "#; market in ten years.

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