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System Requirements: Detroit: Come to Human & Co. Wishing to GTX 1080

Following the message on 201 GDC about Remembrance Fests, putting the three so far for specific games PlayStation Heavy rain: Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Now be your man quick for the PC, now follow the system requirements. We always praise Nvidia GTX 1080.

I suppose that the films areHi soon"Appearing only at the Epic games store and they are already listed in the shop – now also get information about the official requirements which are also available for each three titles for both t given the minimum age of the games in which the game is performed, especially since the two titles for the PlayStation 3. 3. t Detroit: Become Human, has been designed to be better for the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro and run UHD resolution – although it is at a height of 30 frames per second.

Lowest requirements are highly commended

According to Quantic Dream, the possibility of access to the PC with sections of Intel Core i5-2400 of the architecture of Sandy Bridge is now published in 2011; addition, four gigabytes of RAM are required. Developer calls Nvidia GTX 660 with two memory video reminders, released in 2012, as the smallest graphic card required. AMD partners will not refer to system requirements; Apparently this was AMD FX-6350 and it would contain Radeon R9 270X. What's more, Windows 7 is needed. Heavy water and further afield: two devices causing DirectX 11, longer than: two Souls is the volcano in the opposite direction. T .

The proposed configuration is made up of a single generation to 7 -7700K and 12 gigabytes memory, and the graphic acceleration must grow well: the relatively high range GTX has a 1080 and 8GB video memory. AMD seems to be Ryzen 5 1400 and RX Radeon Vega. However, it is still not clear that the proposals and options proposed by the proposals are in place; also to provide additional location for Quantic Dream.

System requirements for Detroit: Be a member of staff, both: Sou Souls & Heavy rain

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