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Telephone cell disease: Smart phones are harmful

These are amazing numbers, or so terrifying: a 96 per cent of Australia has a smartphone. On average, Austria relies on their hand screens for 3.2 hours a day. The Viennese begins with 3.7 hours. This smart phone setup will cause real health problems.

Slavery: 800,000 people are in charge of mind

Social media risk. Researchers believe that one of the first Australians is suffering by taking away from a smartphone. The focus here has been on increasing levels of social media activity such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Co. Kildare. Symptoms are withdrawal of depression, nervous, compaction and anxiety.

Back pain: pain as a result of watching the phone

"Handy neck." By looking at the mobile phone it is rolled forward with approximately 60 steps, very unusual for humans, particularly over a longer period of time. The muscles need to build five times the average attraction, 25 kilos instead of 5 kilos. The most common effect is pain of illness, stiff throat and headache.

Branches: loading by hitting and hitting "

Inflammation. Many phone users complain about severe pain in the small finger. In the normal smartphone view you're typing and surfing, the little machine is backed by the tiny device and loaded over. Not only is the scratch small, but also the toggle encouraged when you are writing and going on the screen. The result is "mobile thumb": it is trained and therefore more normal than normal. They are so tasty and can go very tight.

Eyes: Myopia is growing

"Small visual". The smartphone is now a threat to young people's sight. The German association "Kuratorium für gute See" occurred last year. Over a third of adolescents and young adults are already visually impaired. By looking at the small screens it means that we are always "just closing." But the eyes must change between a closer and long time. Experts will warn about “short-term breeding”.

Attention: Mobile phones will last longer

During a term. If you check emails or surf the web before you get to sleep, you often fall asleep. By using smartphones becoming more mental and as a sleeping enemy, warn sleepers. As the more people use the phone, the harder it is to get a good night's sleep. Another problem is the bright light of the smart phone. This is smothering to make a sleep hormone melatonin, which happens especially in the dark. This result is an enduring tiredness and lack of focus throughout the day.

Including a mobile phone in bed© Getty Images

Investigation: We have poisonous smartphones for our relationships

Along with restaurants look at their smartphones instead of talking to each other. It's a tricky, and often bigger, picture. According to a study by ElitePartner, every third couple suggested that they could speak together less easily with the mobile. In 12 out of the bonds the mobile phone is also used during the food.

Mobile phones increase tension and reduce sexism

The mobile phone is not only an issue for smaller communications, but also for more arguments. There is a conflict in every 10th relationship because the partner is spending too much time on the phone. Very real impact of this digital war on sexual life. Eight per cent of the couples interviewed talk about being smaller or worse, as the cell phone is currently in the bedroom.

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