Tesla will move all sales to the internet

Tesla wants to sell its electric cars in the future only on the internet. The move should help reduce prices, said leader of the company Elon Musk on Thursday. Many of the Tesla stores are closed, and others are used as exhibition rooms and information centers. This will also be related to job cuts.

There is no other way for Tesla to be financially stable, Musk said. In the US, you can buy Tesla on your mobile within a minute, so it should be worldwide.

At the same time he said that Musk is Tesla hoping that Model 3 is now sold at the original price of $ 35,000 (30,739.51 eòr) originally priced before taxes and car points electricity. Among other things, the switch is smaller than battery. This is the lowest price in which Tesla Model 3 can be sold, Musk said.

Initially, Tesla launched the Modal 3 delivery in 2017, with a more advanced version, with a higher price of around $ 70,000. Recently, there was a draft for just over $ 40,000 on its market. In Germany, there is a model of model 3 with long-distance battery and four-wheel drive from 55,400 euros and the sporting turnover of 66,100 euros delivered a few weeks ago.

Well: Apa / Dpa

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