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Test Grasser – defenders will challenge Winkler

Vienna / Linz (APA) – The 77th day in the trial of the Finance Minister Karl-Heinz Grasser and others have begun today with some surprise. The Finance Department deputy secretary, who was defended as a witness, was convicted of illness. And the evidence yesterday, the old speaker Grasser and head of Matthias Winkler's chapters, today opposed two defenses.

Yesterday, Winkler had no wild memories on Grasser papers, and he was with him as a close co-worker for seven years. In addition, he asks him to have received Causen – the commission of the sale of federal housing (Buwog u.a.) and the tax authorities in the Linzer Border Tower. This caused a look back to see a big riot at Ex-Telekom Austria, Rudolf Fischer Manager.

At the beginning of the hearing today, Fischer took the floor – and he did not lose his words. He was not just a secretary; in Winkler, but the "main center" in the Ministry of Finance. It could even be remembered that Winkler had requested him a 25,000 contribution from Telekom for a governmental reform of a pension reform.

This is reinforced by Judge Marion Hohenecker immediately after her & # 39; first co-employer Peter Hochegger. He remembers that Fischer had told him about Winkler. This complaint is sparsely dependent on Fischer and Hochegger's responsibility, among others, because Telekom has inappropriate payments in the policy.

What Winkler did not know about "political landscape care", as he gave evidence as a factual evidence in the courtroom of Straflandesgerich Vienna's great jury court, on the grounds of emotional disasters today by Fischer. He had already played some of the major hearings and so he knew that some people in the chair of the evidence were expressed by "optional opinion". He does not understand why people can not stand the evidence just to tell the truth. "I was disturbed, you are sitting there and suddenly it's a clear memory to happen. Mr Winkler is not that age," said Fischer.

After that, Hochegger spoke and confirmed Fischer's statements. He then got himself 25,000 barley. In 2004, the Greens were told in the case, in the question, as he had previously agreed with Winkler, he said he was unsure. In another question in 2011, he previously sent his false statement. As the settlement was made on Winkler's money and not with it, Hochegger said.

Background: Judge Hohenecker then communicated, depending on the government then under the Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel (ÖVP) who was expected to do with an advertising platform for a pension platform with an honorary professor. The costs should be taken by companies with state organizations and interest groups – including Telekom Austria. Winkler said he had no idea.

After the first evidence was condemned today, Hohenecker began to read the arrest recorder RLB-OÖ, Ludwig Scharinger, who had died, who was also arrested, but as a result of illness did not He appeared in a pencil courtroom.

In the evening, a witness from a former Grasser cabinet will be asked in the state of the evidence, Tuesday later he will remain with the witnesses. Then, he was the Secretary of State. , Alfred Finz (ÖVP), the first one to write; evidence.

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