The spring peak is weakening this week «

On Tuesday, there is still a lot of sunshine, and then rain showers.

06.00 clock, 01 April 2019

Don't forget the screen in the second half of the week
Don't forget the screen in the second half of the week © (c) Fuchs Jürgen (Fuchs Juergen)

The warm spring climate is weakening a little this week. According to the experts from the Meteorology Institute and Geodynamics (ZAMG), the high-quality figure, which gave the weekend good, is turning next week. colder air a. But up to Tuesday, it appears that there is still a lot of sunshine.

The relatively large air limit is progressing Tuesday more clouds than at last, but in many areas it still stands bigger a friendly, sunny weather character, During the day, a few cumulative clouds appear at the edge of the mountain, but sometimes they don't take in small shrubs. The wind deals mostly weakly, particularly from the east to the east, but at the first place in Upper Austria and now most of the wind stream. The early temperatures range from zero to eight, then the daily height is eleven to 20 degrees.

Tuesday: In many areas it is again sunny. As well as the north of the Alps, the winding clouds can go up again and again, so the mild atmosphere should also be affected. From the South West The clouds gradually dieThe first outfalls are just south of the main Alpine ridge in Vorarlberg and Tyrol. The wind is moderately mild, to the east, also vibrant, especially from east to south. The early temperatures will rise from zero to eight to two hundred to 20 degrees.

With a sop of föhnigen at the south-west just now Tuesday on the south side of the Alps, clouds and Silvretta to Upper Carinthia sometimes it does rainIn all other places, sunny sections replace each of the cloud areas. Overall, he is very friendly. It often dries out, just in the hills, local rainfall can be seen. The wind blows in Föhnstrichen and in the east a vibrant south-east direction. Early temperatures are reached at one to eight levels, and the daily average by twelve to 20 degrees.

The impact of disruption will increase

at & 39; Sunday Approaching the stream to the south-west today Going down on the right hand side of the Alps, In Vorarlberg and others south of the main Alpine back west of Upper Styria and Western Styria it is reoccupied again and again. The finish of the snow falls in the south-west to 900 meters, or is at 1,800 meters. In all other places it is still dry and at times the sun draws. He is most friendly on the föhnigen Alpennordseite. Particularly in Föhnstrichen and the east east, strong winds are strong south. Early temperatures at two levels to nine levels, appearing daily according to the rain and blood dryer at eight to 19 degrees.

Sunday: Heading from the south-west end through a day corncrake crime with. So the day starts already in the west and south with water, this then spread to the north and east of Austria in the afternoon. It's only from the north that it starts out in the evening. On the west side, it dates back to 700 meters, or the snowfall from west to east lies between 1,000 and 1,700 meters above sea level. The wind feels very much in the eastern half to survive from south to south, in the west, hit by the northwest wind. Early temperatures are at eight to eight levels, maximum temperature per day eight to 16 degrees,

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