These are the best WhatsApp messenger options

Because the castle with WhatsApp Facebook and the mass media of social media criticizes. Although nothing has changed for users, Facebook is likely to be interested in WhatsApp users' sailing books. In this context, and for other reasons, many users have a & ask the question: what will you do? within a mobile phone that responds to & # 39; show what other messenger services are still available.

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Each option has one common feature: there is not so many active users with WhatsApp. And there is no decision that, looking at the 2017 summer users, there is a billion people around the world; Using WhatsApp to submit 55 billion messages per day. The renowned celebrity messenger is so happy. Following the release of another messenger service WhatsApp Business early in 2018, the capability in the market center was further consolidated. Around a year after being released, it is said that there are already more than five million companies on the app, which have been specifically designated to the needs of companies.

From now on, it is unclear what one of the other options that will be set up as important challenges. However, this appearance seems to be declining. For example, some of the stores inside January 2019 revealed that Facebook's Facebook company wants to link its WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger message services together. This would strengthen the ecosystem of their own social network, including WhatsApp. Providers have little opportunities to keep up with other messages as the winner is giving all its principles.

Changes for different purposes

However, the long-standing link of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram may be able to create fertile land for safer choices than WhatsApp. Many would not like to move to & # 39; from WhatsApp users to Facebook. Competitors may also be able to have previously added Facebook to the WhatsApp messenger. This should not be particularly noticeable at first. However, if advertising gets more aggressive in the process, more and more users can think of changing.

Again and again it comes to WhatsApp for some of the bugs and worries of the server. This does not happen with other messenger apps, of course, it is not sure. Despite this, for many users, the closing time is another reason to find out about other options.

The best WhatsApp options are the same

WhatsApp's choice is virtually dependent on a security subject to be considered a vibrant center. However, some other WhatsApp options are also counting on the high level of awareness of their parent's own parent.


This messenger is based on a cloud that uses encryption end to end, free of charge and free of charge. The operators also need to ensure that Telegram continues to make that way in the future. Cards with friends and relatives are encrypted if requested. Similar to the Snapchat or Simsme case, a message allows you to select a & # 39; destroy your own message. You can also create group discussions up to 100,000 (!) People and share videos up to 1GB size with friends.

In normal usage, messages are secured between the server telegram and the client's destination with encryption of transport. However, it is possible to start called "secret conversations", encrypted as well as ending "end to" transport. The messages are not only stored on conversation partner points. In an Android system system only, Telegram Messenger already has over 100 million downloads.


Tobar Image: Telegram

The Messenger Telegram started in the two Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov. However, he says on the app's homepage, Telegram is not connected to Russia – almost legally or accurately. Instead, the Messenger must be understood as an international project that uses infrastructure all over the world. In addition, efforts were made to take Telegram as big as possible to avoid local landlords. Telegram is available for iOS and Android. In addition, there is an online web interface, as well as a Google Chrome app and apps for Mac and Windows.


When it comes to an alert for smartphones, the other device is currently in the same breath as WhatsApp. Above, the app developers are responsible for security: everything should be encrypted through the server; is encrypted so that the messaging operators can not clear the safe messenger's messages. However, there are not many message options as Threema users as WhatsApp. The Messenger is currently available for Android for 2.99 euros and iOS for 3.49 euros. In part, the application is provided in the context of special offers but also cheaper.

The Threema Messenger is developed in Switzerland and is actively based on end-to-activated encryption. In fact, Threema is able to send text messages, pictures and videos, your own place and voice messages. It is also possible to start exchange files (PDF, animated GIFs, DOC, ZIP etc) and group committee with up to 100 partners. However, there is no telephony activity. As with WhatsApp, a web user is also available, with the help the conversation is evaluated by the smartphone on a browser window on its & # 39; computer or notebook. In these situations, it is possible to convert "reading" status for messages on or off. There is no backup of chats created on Threema's answers.

Well: Threema

When requested, Threema users can be made without connection to mobile phone number or to # 39; Submit email address and attach to the app through Threema ID. Queries are marked by scanning QR code or a & # 39; Comparison of Micro-search. A color code that contains Threema connection is a & # 39; show less or less security. Red indicates that it can not communicate with its & # 39; prospects. The orange color code shows that the communications dialog was also found in the sailing book but not yet marked by QR code or fingerprints. In the case of a green color code case, however, the link is clearly defined. Threema can be used for anonymous conversation.


Don – at least in Play Play Google – there are also high features over the restatement for WhatsApp. The application may also be known as Edward Snowden's suggestion. The option is marked by its simpler, who does not want to scan with a lot of bells and whistles, but with a secure dialogue.

The WhatsApp security option comes from Open Whisper Systems and is available for both Google and Android and iOS Apple for download. Signs are encrypted end to end so that messages and calls throughout the application are validated. Not only can smilies, stickers and documents send messages, but also documents such as PDF and audio files or GIFs are consistent. Organizations, such as other messengers, can also be created and voice messages. However, users must give a telephone number when they register.

Signal Messenger

Well Image: Marks

It is possible to use the signals and it is compatible with Android as an iOS. On records, the secure messenger can not be used.


Like WhatsApp, the free app is also working, which is also on German internet sites. Android and iOS users can interact with each other, add pictures and places, and enjoy video camera through the face camera. A desktop application is also available for download. Viber says that there are more than one billion worldwide users who also start group discussions with up to 250 participants. It is also possible to send messages correctly. Embedded hidden features can hunt messages from a particular chat.

Viber started in Israel, but in 2014 it was taken over by the Japanese Rakuten company. The basic use between service users is free of charge. Also for voice calls and telephones, nothing must be paid.

In the meantime, the service is often criticized for being very volunteer with consumer data. Component media statements say that Japanese WhatsApp commercial stores have a lot of knowledgeable to its users. Currently, Viber can not read its users' data, depending on their own information. This is not possible now thank the end to end encryption. The same applies to audio or video calls.


With plenty of marketing too, they try to have a WhatsApp choice from Germany on their; market to get fortune: We & # 39; talk about Simsme, as a result of Deutsche Post. Instant Messenger is available for iOS Apple and Android and Google. Windows and Windows 10 Mobile phones have not received support from the end of February 2017.

In fact, with Simsme's message you can talk to friends. This is related to the exchange of text messaging as well as to & # 39; send voice messages. In fact, it is also possible to send and submit pictures, videos and personal settings. All messages are protected from beautiful eyes with encryption end to end. "No one can read. Not even," he says on the Messengers home page. Like Threema, users can prove verbs in the three-step process.

In particular, Simsme has two distinct roles: So Snapchat messaging can be self-destructive. The user has a countdown setting, so that messages can be viewed for a specific time after they are opened. On the other hand, it is also possible to set a closing date. If it is over, the user will not be able to retrieve the message again and will be deleted from the Simsme checkers. In addition, the content lines are available. In addition, internet targets and magazines will be sent directly to a smartphone show. Simsme's account is both free and free. On the desk, however, only the business turnover is available.


WeChat also offers a range of WhatsApp-related roles and is very common on smartphones, especially in Asia. You can submit text and voice messaging, pictures and videos and start a video computing with friends. In addition, there is a shared area sharing and regional ordering can be used using the integrated payment office even taxi and food or money transferred between two users. Games can also be used through the WeChat messenger and is possible to investigate jobs or nearby people. Above, the combined actions as well as WeChat are successful in Asia.

The WeChat app is free and is available for Android and iOS for free. In addition, the Chinese WhatsApp option can be used, for example, under Windows and Mac online through a web user or software. All conversations run through message messengers on Chinese land. Although the developer puts pressure on his / her; pressure on security ("The only TRUSTe certificated application application is WeChat"), even with the secure messenger, there is a level of incredible inconvenience.

WeChat has been developed and operated by Tencent, a Shenzhen based internet company. Usually, we call WeCatin to WeChat. The WeChat's account of exchange messaging is also used for German users. However, WeChat is particularly widespread in China. This large section is based on WeChat over a billion users.


From Japan the Alternative WhatsApp line, which is part of the Naver European Correspondence. In South Korea, Line is now even wider than the exclusive KakaoTalk rival. There were already over 700 million worldwide users in 2015 already and even, as opposed to many other alternatives from WhatsApp, there is a website in German.

A free line is available for iOS, Android and as an additional application for Windows and Mac computers. In addition to messaging, users can also add image, video and audio files. In addition, voice calls and videos can be made through the line messenger. If you are a friend for group calls, you can accept up to 200 counts in a conference call.

From 2015, a line of encryption support ends up in talks. This feature was criticized in 2014 with the Stiftung Warentest in the test still sharp. In terms of safety, Line is now a good option – but with a look at the low distribution in this country because it is not.


The VoIP service is available as an Android app as well as iOS devices and can also be used through an online web client. In addition to the known Internet telephony computer work, you can also send text messages and pictures to friends through the app on the way. All Skype messages are encrypted based on P2P technology with the Standard Encryption Advanced (AES) in 256 pounds.

Skype is one of the first programs to evaluate voice and video calls based on voice-over-IP connection. Although Skype users have free voice calls free of charge, different levels of each minute disrupt movements to an international landline and mobile networks. With over 300 million users, including many in western Europe and the USA, Skype has been rapidly fascinating for large secrets and was built by Microsoft in 2011. Previously, Skype had already heard eBay.

In fact, Skype can be said to be largely serving as a call app. The message conversation feature also creates Skype as opposed to WhatsApp. And since Skype is installed in many computers on Computers, smartphones and recordings, many more users have access to WhatsApp's other options.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger works very similar to WhatsApp; Even without Facebook account but with name and phone number. With this app, you can send other users the app or Facebook users on smartphones and registers, group discussions and share pictures. In addition, free calls are capable of connecting with active data. Facebook Messenger also permits group bands.

Facebook Messenger is available for Android and iOS for free. In addition, a web user is available online for use – completely different from the Facebook user interface. However, there is a fundamentally fundamental responsibility, which includes anonymised use. If you want, all conversations in the Facebook Messenger will be finished to the end.

There is nothing else

Due to high Facebook access, the associated messenger is now almost as wide as WhatsApp. More than one billion active users are now using Facebook Messenger for exchange messages together. Regionally, it is possible to pay through the most famous WhatsApp option in this country. With this, the US service has a huge impact on its & # 39; our Chinese player WeChat. There is also an opportunity to play games. For example classes such as "snake" or sporting games such as basketball.

WhatsApp's Facebook Messenger is a good choice but only part-if it's not. WhatsApp is part of Facebook – in terms of data protection, both are at a very similar level. In addition, Facebook seems to want to connect WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook its messenger. This would allow users of the different platforms to interact with each other, but it seems that the "data protection" or the data change to Facebook will increase.

Decision: Other WhatsApp Choices

Facebook is still and is still an uncertain market leader on smartphones with its two Messenger Facebook and WhatsApp messenger app. In fact, you can even go as long as saying that these two messenger services do not go around. Due to the fact that consumers should stop Facebook, Most cases have WhatsApp account. So it is not necessary to be a cultivation for the green messenger, in most cases, but in this country with his / her; Most users do not want.

And that's also the biggest problem for other WhatsApp options such as Simsme, Threema no Telegram: they are not quite simple enough to be a big threat and an alternative to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in this country. If you install programs such as Threema, Viber or those that are not so familiar, but the security signal that is security-oriented, after the browser book synchronization quickly find that only some of the friends or the co Their own posts just have to install those apps. Among the most well-known options include Skype from the Microsoft account; As the Twitter exchange of messages is now possible, this can also be a way of keeping conversation with friends.

Available for encoding advertising Cost (€) The Desktop version
treema Android, iOS End-to-head any Android: 2.99

iOS: 3.49

WeChat Android, iOS End-to-head any Free of charge Yes
Facebook Messenger Android, iOS End-to-head any Free of charge Yes
signals Android, iOS End-to-head any Free of charge Yes
online Android, iOS End-to-head Yes Free of charge Yes
Simsme Android, iOS End-to-head any Free of charge any
Skype Android, iOS End-to-head Yes Free of charge Yes
Viber Android, iOS End-to-head Yes Free of charge Yes
Telegram Android, iOS End-to-head any Free of charge Yes

There is a question again and again, whether it is sensible to be & # 39; urging all relevant people to move to another message platform such as Threema no Telegram. With it even though there is only one important link to change the change, it is not yet unavoidable to be able to; keep track of WhatsApp account – if you do not want to go back on the fantastic SMS.

Another problem: Compared to that, the other options that come from WhatsApp do not have a & # 39; Stand out in this comparison with special extras or WhatsApp additional activities. After that, Simsme is working to make the service more attractive for future businesses, and may be another business environment reception. However, whether it's enough to feel that WhatsApp's weakening business is questioning.

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