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Thomas Seitel: Here at RTL there are three people taking over – How does Helene Fischer's friend do? could be found?

Did Helene Fischer know all this? In an RTL breakfast television, three men have had spiritual details about Thomas Seitel's history.

Munich – Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel know each other. He did not just arms in the arm the two had on their stage. They are now even twins – this is officially the most recent time with his father's statements. But does Helene Fischer know all the details of his professional time?

As excavated by the fans and the media so large. Helene Fischer na Vita has no new friends. But just a few jobs are unusual and near jobs. Because it was designed for commercial ventures. He used to bait himself for a job through fast food mountains. He put up the stairs without a gay magazine. He demonstrated enthusiastically when the Hessischer Rundfunk was asked that Helene Fischer was very attractive. And once, Thomas Seitel started for a television contest to many diary.

After the Love Hammer got out, Thomas Seitel became a stripe. That's what Omid Jay, the erotic men's manager Sixx Paxx, has been doing; conversation in Instagram in December.

Monday there was a lot of information. The beautiful RTL television "Good Morning A" (featured on a 37 minute online) was a guest of Sixx Paxx. And Omid Jay cabbed, as it was three years ago, when Thomas Seitel turned off for a strip dial interview: "We got the thing. Then we opened a few videos to know if it was suitable for him We were very skilled or not. We got it out very well. That's why we've invited him, "he remembers. "We talked about what we expect, how much it shows we could give it, what it should do." There were 85 exhibitions held in the three months, which Thomas Seitel needed to give up the cover.

Job at a strip show? "Thomas Seitel was very positive about that"

Omid Jay remembers a pleasant conversation: "I felt he always wanted to work with us. He was very positive about that. As he & # 39; see that Sixx Paxx is not about deleting ".

Both of them are also director of the leaders of Sixx Paxx. Bastian Maan says: "Our first impression was very good. It's a fun and funny person too, who does not look more miserable. A person grows, suited to us, very seamless. "

Thomas Seitel: Helene Fischer's presenter of Sixx Paxx's offer today

There was even a bid, David Farell, also a director, said: "We have offered it for its entire visit. We talk about 350 Euros every presentation we give. "

It would be discharged with just just under 30,000 experiences for 85 exhibitions in three months. But Thomas Seitel declined otherwise – he entered the Helene Fischer tour for ten thousands of pop fans to play with acrobatic shows at each show. And to some extent to get close to Helene Fischer too.

Helene Fischer by Thomas Seitel on the stage.

© photo photographic / dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Thomas Seitel can come back at any time

However, the Sixx Paxx case does not have a & # 39; Given today's hope that Thomas Seitel will be one day. And re-innovating the offer in RTL camera. "Hello Thomas, here is the Sixx Paxx. You know these two young nobles, once you sit together once and think about appearing with us. The offer is still standing. Understand that this is not likely to happen in the long run. If you are willing and if you want to make an evening in front of many of the women who hear and display them, your art, you can do it. You have enough invitation. "

Currently, Thomas Seitel has plans. He built boxes – and turned up a few days ago with a different look at an exhibition in Munich, after the rumor mill brewed.

Video: Now something talks about the new sweetheart Helene Fischer

Since the end of 2018 we know: Schlager does not think that Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen are not a couple now. Helene, a new friend, Helene, has confirmed their relationship.


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