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Turkey is entering the decline for its & # 39; first time since 2009 «

Bad news for the Turkish government before the local elections at the end of March: The economy has declined in the & # 39; fourth quarter of 2018 with three percent compared to the same time last year, as a Turkish statistic office (Tüik) was published on Monday. This is the second quarter in a row that the economy was decline. Turkey has now fallen to decline for the first time since 2009.

According to the statistics office, last year's growth was 2.6 per cent. In the previous year, Despite the political disaster after the coup attempt made in July 2016, it had reached 7.4 per cent. In the summer, Turkey's money ended in a diplomatic crisis with the US. As a result, the inflation had sunk, although the economy had reduced 1.6% in the third quarter.

Turkey has recently dropped to a decline during global financial crisis 2009. Litter was a great deal Monday after news on growth, but was then refused to close $ 5.43 against the dollar around a half day. Berat Albayrak's Minister of Economics blamed "mixed attacks" for the weakness of the economy, but stressed "the worst behind us".

For President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Islamic-Conservative Justice and Development party (AKP), the growth figures become unsuitable before local elections on 31 March. The Turks have been suffering from hyperinflation by just under 20% for months. To counter food price increases, the government has set up urban stallions for concessionary vegetables.


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