Verona Pooth describes Daddle costs

"Verona slowed my life back then," Nadja Abd El Farrag recently said in an interview with the "In". "What happened at that time, I was very tough, what she did with me." After Dieter Bohlen, leaving her relationship with Verona, married in May 1996 in Las Vegas. However, they separated them three weeks later and Dieter went to Daddel. "Verona was kicked out, I can repeat it again," re-quoting a 53-year-old. For the two famous women this story is still very important after more than 20 years. Although Nadja has talked about the old order and division, Verona has now published a book. She also talks about her love story by Dieter Bohlen and her. writing about Daddel. "Indeed, it's part of the short story," explaining the TV session in an interview with the "Gala". But unlike Delfel, Verona did not want to attack anyone. "I did not expect to show anyone in my book." But: "It's not just tips in fact, but sometimes things that you do not want to hear."

With regard to Naddle's behavior, Verona Pooth wants to be the second Heidi Klum and that there are problems with older age, she says, "Everyone thinks, and I am Thinking you're capable of doing anything – just not going to the media "I'm very calm, I do not feel like someone interested in the private life of others, or need something to say to people, and I'm very pleased with that. "

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