Villa Hagen in Linz: More emphasis on FPÖ

Linz (OTS) Chancellor Federal Sebastian Kurz (VP) is seeking a response to the Chausa around Villa Hagen in an interview with OÖNachrichten the FPÖ. All political leaders of massive and radical groups such as the identity need clear identification, according to Chancellor Federal Sebastian Kurz (VP) in response to the reports surrounding Villa Hagen and the same. rented property. As reported, the house is owned by some of the members who are members of the PBF officers. In addition, the Armenia Chernivtsi is also hired, which includes some of the famous FPÖ members.

“There are no real right radicals than the Islamist rebels. "The two radical forces are a threat to our country and have no space in our free and Liberal community," Kurz said.

Vice-Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache (FP) confirmed last week that FPÖ does not have an issue with Athens Transfer and that there should be no identity of any actions in the FPÖ. "That was an important explanation," said Kurz.

After being known on the weekend, an image and officials of FPÖn in Linz will share a house, the Chancellor expects FPÖ to provide clarity and, where appropriate, influence. . “I do not accept the right approach to properly move. So, I hope the FPÖ clearly stands and if there are links here, it also meets and separates them. All kinds of connection between the brand have been released. It's not possible to look at the other way, "said the Federal Chancellor.

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