Voggenhuber: "Coincide with the true demons, not against her"

Voggenhuber: "Coincide with the true demons, not against her"

Vienna. With the list A now a range of key EU applicants is completed


Johannes Voggenhuber (leader of her back-wing party Maria Stern) hopes to return to Brussels. Image: APA / ROLAND HITCH

He can not stay at home "at times when the old demons of Europe disappeared. With this reference to nationals and citizens, Johannes Voggenhuber founded the best candidate Monday For the list now with Peter Pilz. The 68-year-old from Salzburg wants to jump to Brussels ten years after leaving the European Parliament.

Voggenhuber left in an independent 2009, as Grnen Ulrike Lunacek preferred to be a major advocate. He does not want to "scratch" his life for revenge or low feelings, "the Salzburg man refused a question of revenge before being asked.

Take a Gift

He even took the Grnen to take part in his campaign. If you praised a woman, you could run it on the EU list – behind her, according to Voggenhuber. Take the refusal of the Grnen with some surprise and postage. They are responsible for the independent headquarters and party Werner Kogler, who is regarded as "incredible, unheardless and shirtless," said Grnen's enterprise manager, Thimo Fiesel. Unsubscribe that you have left a tip of the previous original member, who has seen at least a content for a reason for conflict in the election campaign. Finally, "the Grnen would still be running for the program I wrote to them".

Johannes Voggenhuber will take an official role in the election on 26 May as the main advocate of "Initiative 1 Europa", which is supported by the Jetzt Record with a 250,000 starter funding, "said party leader Maria Stern .

As a member of the National Council, Voggenhuber also offers the stage to be represented in TV competitions. Voggenhuber wants to raise money through crowdfunding. By the end of March, more applicants could contact it. He is currently missing out to "other defensive parties". He wanted to benefit from here and also to deal with people who did not have a & # 39; vote.

With Voggenhubers Kr the range of top promising candidates is now full. In addition to Grnen Kogler (57), these are the production leaders of the EU Othmar Karas (61, VP) and Harald Vilimsky (52, FP), not yet officially nominated, for both regulatory parties. The SP will send a headteacher to a & # 39; Andreas Schieder club (49) enters the race. The highest candidate with Claudia Gamon (30), the Neos.

Read a picture about Johannes Voggenhuber here.

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