"Weiterziehn": Felix Neureuther gives the first song

Last updated April 01, 2019, 09:41

Felix Neureuther is said to have done: The recently retired ski legend has disappeared under the singers.

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Felix Neureuther needs to "move forward". The first step in leaving his life as a successful skipper is publishing a song called "Moving Forward".

At "Antenne Bayern" Neureuther was announced on 29 March, 2019, the first conference of the first game as a singer in April 1, 2019. None of the people who thought it was a clue it was April. But the song looks as if it was a joke of April.

His first son, along with his boards, was that he had seen the world to date so far that he had traveled. Now he will go "lonely". Longing doesn't leave an option.

In reality, Neureuther is alone. The girl is 35 years married to the previous speaker and Miriam Gössner and his daughter's daughter.

Neureuther's great love was

Neureuther wails his skis in a video for the song and asks her to let her go. He would have to "pull down" and he sings: "Leash to."

Continuing the example of huge ski rolls such as Toni Sailer or Hansi Hinterseer, Neureuther, who passes through his beautiful homes in Bavarian during the video, using his rhythmic blow to read about the reality of his life. serve some delicious musical taste.

It was thought that he was a joke of April. But Felix Neureuther emerged from the singers. Two weeks after his last race, Germany's best skipper let out the first song.
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