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With market numbers on the livestock market

San Francisco. The contestant is already made. At the end of March, US laurease Lyft made their first Wall Street award. Rival Uber intends to do this early in May. By submission of the prospectus, the US company started the countdown to the IPO.

But he is already warning about a series of heels that don't stop. Due to huge increase in costs, "may not be enough" to gain entry into the black, the company's contract for ten years ago was sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission. . Uber now counts 91 million users each month and challenges the taxi industry in many parts of the world, but is sure that this is a sustainable business model.

To date, Uber has been employed on the commission fees due for purchase of a new driver through the online platform. However, the company is also investing significantly in new areas of business such as independent driving, food delivery, electric bicycles and scooters and goods supplies. Researchers believe that it is inevitable that the organization will grow a great deal even to write down a profit.

Last year grew dramatically, with sales rising by 42 per cent to $ 11.3 billion. In 2017, it was still enough for a plus of 106%.

The line below 2018, a year profit just under a billion dollars. However, these black numbers have only been available through a specific outcome of selling parts of the international industry in the first quarter, which provided a quarterly profit of $ 3.75 billion. In the remaining places write Uber alone: ​​about $ 890 million and nearly a billion dollars. Pre-interest income, taxes, depreciation and amalgamation fell from $ 1.85 billion. Even before then, numbers had been very high: in 2017 there were losses of four billion dollars.

After the scandal series

Although Uber has been attracting investors to global aggressive growth over the past few years, recent time has been more likely to pull the company out of competitive sectors. However, more recently, with the $ 3 billion collection of the Middle East international band, a strategic drive started again.

Under a company's founder and long-term leader of Travis Kalanick, a huge series of Uber was taken from Uber from sexual abuse, data theft to bribery and rivalry between the authorities and the taxi industry. It's time since 2017 Dara Khosrowshahi has taken over. He struggles for a more bold image, but also has not responded to the potential threat of putting the Uber business model at risk: independent driving.

To date it is not clear how much the IPO will be. According to Reuters news agency, a California company could sell shares at about $ 10 billion, with a value between $ 90 and $ 100 billion. This is the first biggest market debate from a new five-year Amazon competitor magazine, where China group raised $ 25 billion.

It is not unusual for Uber to mention that a field of fruit will never be found. Twitter, the activist of Snapchat, Snap and the last of the Pinterest stage productions featured in their stock market forecasts. Residents will still be confident that they will make good agreements.

Lyft, the Uber smallest band, had broken up first on the stock market. He raised his publishing price to $ 72, the IPO was considered successful. But then Lyft went down and it eventually closed at $ 61.

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