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Xiaomi wants to charge a charge for large phone telephones in 15 minutes

If it goes after Chinese character smartphones Xiaomi, it will bring in more than 20 minutes for medium sized batteries in the future. Thanks to the ways in which Super Charge Turbo Xiaomi wants to bring in up to 100 watts for the batteries.

Bin Lin, co-founder and Xiaomi president, released a video out of Weibo's Twitter Twitter account, which shows how a smartphone prototype from Xiaomi can be given to Its entire battery at any time with the new cost technology, the machine battery is specified by 4000mAh, and so responds to what is also in Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.

The video clearly shows how quickly it can go with more power: Within just 17 minutes, it is clear that the prototype blog battery has been filled. When and in the machine Xiaomi wants the new technology Super Charge Turbo to be used for the first time, it is still utterly unclear. As usual, the short leaflet is only a blister, as it is usually revealed by Xiaomi sovereigns.

Xiaomi may be using a machine with five amperes and 20 volts, which should be large enough. Xiaomi is currently still prevalent in the Speed ​​Tour 4.0 which was awarded by Qualcomm to his chips, with the likelihood of normal usage being apparent. However, QC4 also offers "just" 18 watts, making it lower than faster wireless tape technology than MiW 9 with 27 watts.

Huawei and other producers have been following the approach to rapid-cost technology for smartphones for time. For example, Huawei has been offering up to 40 watts for some devices, and even Huawei Mate X has reached 55 times. On top of that, Oppo's Xiaomi competitionitor will be attracting special devices up to 50 wat now. For the life of batteries, the technical limitations of lithium batteries meant that they were more valuable.

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