Ybbsiade: Ybbser Jester has already come ashore

YBBS. Ybbser Stadthalle was filled to the last seat when cabaret artist Klaus Eckel presented his new program "I can't feel it is feeling to the Ybbsiade Audience". . The evening full of people also named "Ybbser Jester" for the Viennese on the first night of the cabaret festival – a cabaret award from the city community. Lord Alois Schroll and director of Ybbsiade Joesi Prokopetz delivered the assembled guests including Captain Norbert Haselsteiner, Labor President's Chamber Markus Wieser, President Karl Wilfing and the third President of the Parliament. Karin Renner, BP Karl Moser and Günther Sidl for cabaret artists, The festival will be held until 27 April in the Ybbser Stadthalle.

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