Authorities reported truth on radiation in the Ternopil division


The radiation in the Ternopil area is within the normal range and there is no risk of infection. This was published on Facebook by the head of Stepan Barna, Ternopil Regional State Administration.

"According to the Obar Ternopil State Administrative Civil Defense Department, today, February 17, at 9.30am, failed to adversely affect the area's know-how system software. The radiation risk does not respond to to the truth. The situation of the radiation is in the ordinary department, "said the officer.

Barna stressed that atomic power stations had no emergency issues in the Khmelnytsky and Rivne areas.

"Expand the word and keep calm," he said.

This information was also confirmed by the head of the United States State of the Ternopil district, Viktor Masley.

"The media said there is a radical risk. This information is broken. The radiation situation is in the usual range," wrote it to Facebook.


Remember that there was an uproar in Kiev after a fire in the woods near Chernobyl.

Also, the "Country" measure the radiation level in Kiev after a fire near Chernobyl.

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