Autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy J8 An official test of TudoCelular Cell


Samsung introduced new 18.5: 9 screen induction and intermediate price in 2018, as will be the Galaxy J8. Intermediate hard drive can be considered, but the end of the device, plastic, and the HD + screen, is & # 39; identify a cheaper option. Although there were R $ 1,900 at & # 39; price fee.

The TodoCelular will perform a battery test on the device to see how the battery is 3,500 mAh; Behavior on a body with the Snapdragon 450 chipset resolution, 6 "18.5: 9 and HD + with 720 x 1480 pixels. Super AMOLED is rude. If you do not know our symbol of true use, it is a general test That's done, the same way on each device.

We have a list of applications that are very popular among users and including our clients; Most day-to-day satellite phone usage. Each one has time to use each time, and every visit is done with a half hour translation between one and another. Here are the apps and times of usage:

After a day and a half of the tests with the Galaxy J8, we achieved the following results:

  • He took 21 hours and 6 minutes for the battery of his machine, which closed down the third part of the 15th visit.
  • The screen lasted for 11 hours and 12 minutes.
  • In this time, connections were made that were 56 minutes in total.
  • We conducted 14 exam gatherings in total and usually every 15 years, including:
    • 84 minutes of travel in Chrome;
    • 420 minutes of WhatsApp, Spotify, PowerAmp, MX Player and YouTube (84 minutes);
    • 84 minutes of games (Pokémon, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Injustice, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8);
    • 84 minutes Facebook, Gmail and Google Maps (28 minutes);
    • 58 minute voice voices through 3G / 4G;
  • The app was to be created; using most Asphalt 8;
  • WhatsApp was the smallest application that was & # 39; use;
  • The temperature was between 24 ° and 31 ° C.

The Galaxy J8 continued an extra test, with an hour of screen addition to the J6. The larger screen is balanced with an additional product of 500mAh. And the evidence of using HD + configuration is a positive reason for a devolution issue – not because of the increase to Full HD + which would be shorter, maybe hours or two smaller.

If you do not think you have smart phones for running heavy games or for more challenging tasks, the Galaxy J8 looks like a good look. That's, indeed, if you could have a & # 39; It costs around $ 1,200 that the equipment currently costs in a Brazil online shop. Anyway, the battery will not go down.


Thank you to those who went on this long battery test, which lasted over 21 hours. Hug and try the next time.


Games will be published and we will update our product with final results and decisions. Stay two minutes and take f5 on the page.





Hung up It seemed like it was going to stand every game, it did not; the third Galaxy J8 can be removed and destroyed everything.


And we'll go to a & # 39; Last visit, with 7% uploading.


There are currently over 10 hours and half of screen and 14 minutes. And maybe it's still far enough for another …


We will start on & # 39; 14th visit, with 14% passengers.


We finished 13 walks and the battery reached 15%.



Battery was kept 22% of download and we have started on the 13th cycle.


It has nearly 17 hours of exams, with over 9 hours of screening.


And after 12 tours, we still have 22% products on the Galaxy J8.



Let's go to your 12th. There was no change in a battery in half an hour of breath.


Shortly by the end of the eleventh, a 30% battalion. In about ten seconds, the GSam went on to focus 28%, and the system fell to 29% …



And we're back to the test, with the eleven trip. The machine is 36%.


Good morning. Soon we will continue with the Galaxy J8 battery test, which was closed yesterday with 36% downloading after 10 full-time touring.

11/21/2018 – 21.44

Let's leave the rest of the test for tomorrow. Galaxy J8 was closed there with 36% of the cost.

11/21/2018 – 21.16

Thirteenth decision closed. And the battery now shows a 36% tax.

11/21/2018 – 20:21

We started the tenth walk with 42%.

11/21/2018 – 19:51

And the ninth circle is finished by 43%.

11/21/2018 – 18.55

The nineteenth cycle began, and the battery is 49%.

11/21/2018 – 18.23

And the eighth decision to complete well in the middle of our test, with almost six hours of screen.

11/21/2018 – 17.28

The eighth bike with the battery still started at 56%.

11/21/2018 – 16:56

Cycling a week with a 56% product closure.

11/21/2018 – 4:00 p.m.

The seventh round starts with 63%.

11/21/2018 – 15.26

Close the sixth circle and the battery is 63%.

11/21/2018 – 14.31

The sixth visit began, with the now 70%

11/21/2018 – 13:59

And the fifth cycle is blocked by 71%.

11/21/2018 – 13.02

We're going to & # 39; The fifth quarter of the Galaxy J8 uses, which remains in the first season of 3.500 mAh, with 77%.

11/21/2018 – 12.33

11/21/2018 – 12.32

A quarter round is closed and we still have 77% of our staff. We have already reached 3 hours of screening in almost half a half hours of tests.

11/21/2018 – 11.36

And we're going to a & # 39; fourth round. Galaxy J8 battery is 83%.

11/21/2018 – 10:57

11/21/2018 – 10:56

Three circle closed by 83%.

11/21/2018 – 10.01

And we will start the third round, still with the same level 89%.

11/21/2018 – 09.31

The second tour closed with 90% of staff, but shortly after the screen was done, it fell to 89%.

11/21/2018 – 09.31

11/21/2018 – 08.34

The second tour begins with a & # 39; still 95%.

11/21/2018 – 08.05

11/21/2018 – 08.05

And it seems that we have a long time here. Battery at 95% after its first cycling.

11/21/2018 – 07.08

The Galaxy J8 battery test has started.

11/21/2018 – 06:56

Below, you can see where the bar is clear for the appropriate test, which is 200 lux in a white image.

11/21/2018 – 06:51

11/21/2018 – 06.46

Good morning. Today we see how Galaxy J8 comes out in our minds really needs. The J6 survived, a smaller model with less than 500 mA, 20 hours.

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