Autumn winter land: the second stop of the World Cup Ruka


Ruka, who entertains god dolphins from God, has used us to go to; bite frost, lots of snow and problems. Will this year look like? Is not it possible that a Finnish tour of Finland can be surprised?

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You say: Ruka. You think: wind, Kuusamo, snow, winter, frost, wind, Santa Claus, fall from Morgenstern, wind, reindeer. And there is still a wind. Those who had the opportunity to compete (in the above – or below, if you read it in the designated mobile phone version), as well as to & # 39; refers to a quiet, quiet atmosphere, a short day and this frost – even at the same temperature – is different than those of us … Skoczków emphasizes, indeed, to Is this an extremely enjoyable thing?

It's in the nearby Kuusamo Ruce that the winter competition is Starting well – Experts (and experts) from cross-country ski and Norwegian mix now join forces that have started fighting for just a week points. And the dolphins do not just just climb up …

However, it is clear, however, that Ruka gives us a new, pre-identified introduction – if in the last years the hill was all on his snow, and the way to a range of competition was shortened by a & # 39; walk through a frozen lake, find only the hills and running routes. The situation will not change in the days ahead …

Competition program

As there is a normal World Cup weekend, a competition program will Provision for three days of competition in Ruce. The Friday is a traditional time for official training and a series of achievements. On Saturdays and Sundays, matches will compete in individual competitions. However, it must be remembered that the paper can be changed …

Ruka World Cup
November 23, 2018 (Friday)
12:00 technical information
16:00 official training (two lines)
18:00 certificates
November 24, 2018 (Saturday)
15:30 test series
16:30 competition
November 25, 2018 (Sunday)
15:30 certificates
17:00 competition


If Benjamin Franklin lived in 2018, he would definitely say a change: There is only death and tax in this worldBy accepting the third element: the iron seam of Stefan Horngacher. The trainer from Austria has been inviting the same players for a year to the World Cup (which includes the position when we have more due to the Big Cup -theft or the host law).

It is not surprising that we see Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki, Jakub Wolny, Maciej Kot and Stefan Hula in Friday and Sunday certificates. For the last one, another one – after Vistula – will win the main points in the Common World Cup classification of this season; the remaining five in the overall ranking have already emerged.

-a weather

For the changes listed in the program, weather may be in line with the weather. This says he has never been bad or bad – but it is probably not supportive of some activities. And one of these activities is a ski jump, which can be seen this weekend on the effects of sporting weather.

For a reason – the weather from Friday to Sunday in Ruce is very similar: a few degrees below temperature, rather than the water level (and if there is a slight snow). The wind is slightly diversified, and this will be visible on Friday (5-8 m / s and up to 14-15 m / s), expectations may be slightly weaker Saturday (6 m / s, up to 12 m / s) and Sunday (4 m / s, expecting up to 10 m / s). So, if it was in the Wisła case, it was possible to write confidently that conditions could affect the results, but their competition is not at risk, and then it needs to be cautious.

For those who think that Ruce is always a & # 39; bankruptcy, brief information: from Monday the wind will greatly reduce 🙂

TV leap

The World Cup Championship in Ruce will be able to follow the Teams. TVP1 does not only show both competitions, although Eurosport has a " We offer all packets, so we'll See both Friday electors and the two competitions. Winter sports stakeholders may also be looking to compete in cross-country skiing, Viking skiing and alpine skiing – all in Eurosport.

Supporters who can not see a TV on TV, are definitely happy to see; using the online Eurosport Player service and the venues that will be shown from Friday Eurosport.

Before the competition starts in Ruka, it is worth seeing on the website Niecodziennik Stefan Hula, in which the jumper gives a summary of competitions in Wisla and her; Talk about his hopes for the next competition.

Relationship BEUM

As usual, the relationship between BEUM continues to provide users of the portal, as you can follow the training, test, certificate and competition results.


He returned with the World Cup Tipster – our competition for ski jumpers. Everyone who has not yet chosen the results of their competition Tipster, we invite you to take part in the sport! You still have time to submit your types – we'll close them up ten minutes before the competition starts.

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