Ava DuVernay celebrates $ 100M in general by Warner Bros. TV


EILEANACH: Ava DuVernay's relationship was with Warner Bros. Television just gets a lot more deeper and richer, literally and genuinely.

The winning winner of Emmy and Oscar's name has signed up to a multi-year and multi-agency contract with the Peter Roth studio. There is a big jump for a filmmaker known as the director of the sprawling WBTV and DuVernay development contract and its removals include drama and comedy series, statements, digital content, event projects and projects longer for broadcasting and cable, main cable, as well as streaming services and other platforms.

DuVernay's start-up agreement with any studio that was started in January, January, the agreement is in the $ 100 million range, I learned.

"I did not have anything but beautiful experiences working with Peter Roth, Susan Rovner and Brett Paul," said Duvernay to Deadline today. "They love you and support artists in amazing and nutritious ways," the Queen Sugar and Red Line EP added. "They work within a traditional studio with Kevin Tsujihara who is unwanted with new energy and new protocols for an interesting, inclusive image. Warner Bros. is an amazing partner about things that It is clear and relevant to all kinds and cultures of people, and that's our focus on moving. I can not be more happy to visit the production home of Warner Bros. TV. "

"Ava DuVernay is one of the most important lights in our business, is a highly talented writer, producer, director and entrepreneur who is capable of promoting his & # 39; goes over with her / her ability to play, "said Head of TV Group and Main Content Warner Bros. Wheel Officer on Monday. "We have been happy to work with her Queen Sugar and The red line, and we are delighted with the new stories she has to tell. "

Although DuVernay is not as strange as a counterpart arrangement, many could have thought that DuVernay was more suited to Netflix where his Oscar documentary was announced 13th is launched and there is a four-dimensional drama just attached to it Five Central Parks coming next year plus its # 39; Prince, with the Purple One archive opportunity.

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However, in an environment where everyone is trying to lock up a talent, this will move to a traditional studio when such as Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy are in a position; going to the stream to make DuVernay sense. For anything, as well as the WBTV range and access, you need to have a & # 39; connected Selma The studio is already owned by the Warner Horizon Writing Writing Queen Sugar, Last updated in August for fourth season on Oprah & OWN, and CBS hosted a series of events Red Line, which she is doing with the senior manager within Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter.

Add to that, as opposed to a current contract, the current WBTV contract has been able to sell its exhibits to everyone instead of being locked to one venue. It also does not affect the general standard ARRAY screen performance platform, which also equals its output; DuVernay saw a significant budget change control of Jack Kirby that was created The New Dies for WB down the line. New Gods This second movie is for DuVernay, who was the first color of a woman; for a $ 100 million plus live movie with Disney Census – Wrinkle In Time earlier this year.

DuVernay has appealed with CAA, and lawyers of Nina Shaw and Gordon Bobb.

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