Avakov is waiting for the end of Poroshenko, which Groesis is building up, Ukrainians like Russia


Avakov finally thinks Poroshenko

The news is that Avakov is not trying to fight the head of the news anymore. But, until this week, he was guided under the banner "I am not against Poroshenko, I want the law." However, the Inside Minister's Monday statements put everything in place and became one of the key issues of debate yesterday.

"When this political circle comes to an end, we will have a new president." Despite the obvious problems with the Poroshenko election campaign, these statements are not yet resolved by a less experienced political scientist. And then the minister had the whole power.

This had not previously been at any of the previous election campaigns. Even as regards Yushchenko, which was “canceled” in fact a year before the elections, none of the officers gave him permission to make such statements. But, Avakov makes a good bet, because he understands that he was in a classic duel position when he was "e or e".

Otherwise, just statements are not made by the Minister of the Inner Office – he does exactly everything to achieve these statements. On the same broadcast, Avakov recited that the police are sending thousands of complaints to question the “Grid” partners, organized in support of Poroshenko for budget money.

And those two statements together are creating the effect that the whole scheme can destroy. The 'grid' works while there are plenty of people in the Ukraine who believe that Poroshenko can remain as president. If you believe that “after the elections there will be a new president,” the Grid will immediately.

The amount of money given to the participants to get the compensation for criminal damage already recorded is likely to be reduced and Poroshenko may delay the sentence .

Groysman Party has been party leader of Poroshenko?

Confidence in the presence of the present president truly remains, even within his team. We already know about Klitschko's plans to go to the accounts with the regeneration “BLOW” and the lack of involvement in an president's election leaders campaign.

Yesterday the Prime Minister Groisman's plans to create his own party came to light.

In fact, it has already been created, but until now under social control, which should form the basis of the party. Such an approach is safer – it is not yet clear as to the end of the presidential elections and who needs to negotiate before the parliamentary system.

One thing is clear: if Groisman were confident about the influence of Poroshenko, he would not be involved in his own projects. In this case, the BPP would be given a second wind – first of all, in believing all the power structures. But, with no certainty, today it is best to position yourself from Blok Poroshenko. The history of Ukraine shows that the parties of the old senate are closed to death.

Groisman calculations are very pragmatic. As it can, in many ways, retain the role of principal post until November, the prime minister's party may now become the party's current president. flowing the main cider into it. Naturally, those who can't find a place in the new president's team.

So the opportunities to remain in politics are great if Poroshenko's case in Groisman is outstanding. And this means it doesn't go to bed bones for the influence of his current leader.

Will Poroshenko be able to refuse his technical applicant?

Meanwhile, Poroshenko tries to put a team around who will stand up for him at last. Yesterday it became clear that the assistant secretary who was removed from the NSDC Gladkovsky was replaced by Deputy Lieutenant of the Ukraine Armed Forces. What is his name, however, as a candidate in charge who has withdrawn from the elections for Poroshenko.

It is difficult to tell which professional qualities of Colonel Krivonos are. At one time it showed him not being a wild man, protecting Kramatorsk's airport. However, as he cannot be used in a particular activity by PR, the president does not speak it. No real weapons stop to these dirty stories.

To be on the same register as Yuri Vladimirovich Timoshenko and the old journalist Litvinenko, you need to be a great friend of the president, or want to make money, or to be a subsidiary.

Therefore, it has been noted that Poroshenko took over from a humble person another place in place of seed. Krivonos may not create a company quickly for providing sports parts for military equipment under its friend. However, he cannot resist the president's requests, as he could not offer his PR campaign as an attractive candidate to the guarantor. So you don't need to see something change in the defense industry.

DA report to the Ukraine: the control of the radicals and the suppression of people in the country

Foreign assessments of the situation in Ukraine are becoming more certain. The UN report on human rights conditions in Ukraine was on the night before the elections to be reasonable.

While this report does not highlight all the problems with the citizens of the Ukraine, in general, the picture looks like the one that Ukrainians see themselves from within. Attacks are given to journalists, lawyers and politicians as a matter of routine. And in an important part of the issues, as the authors write, it is a question of radical actions of radical nationals.

But, by mentioning the police 's radical commitment, the report's authors do not write that their actions are generally commissioned by the authorities. While it is clearly made clear by the help of radical nationalists there has been an attempt to limit the activities of political parties before the elections and fear of the media.

But in connection with the persecution of the Ukrainian Congregational Church, the power is named directly. But Poroshenko does not specifically hide what is behind this process.

In general, the situation is explained in such a way that the report can be taken into account when the range of elections are available. And if the current president wins, these estimates are unlikely to be positive.

Why did Ukrainians fall after Kerch's conflict in Russia with Russia?

In the meantime, unanticipated sociology from KIIS appeared yesterday. According to his February 2019 survey, the number of Russian-related Ukrainians was 57%. In addition, for the period from last year to February, the number of people positively sign-posting has increased by 9%, while a reduction of 5 per cent has increased. % of those who contact negative numbers.

Indeed, in this case, it is not worthwhile identifying Russia and Russian authorities – only 13% take a positive look at the latter. But still, it is about the Russian state, because 77% of respondents are positive about Russian citizens.

It is difficult to name the reasons for this rapid growth of Russia. At least in foreign policy there were no attributes. Very different: in those months the Kerch event had caused the law to be enforced, and the Verkhovna Rada at the same time voted to decay the relationship with Russia.

However, given these factors, the number who are positively associated with Russia has been increased significantly during this period, just one decision that is likely to be: t of Ukrainians believe the official propaganda of their own power, seeing directly against them.

So it should be expected that that 57% will not vote for Poroshenko for anything, because the person who is today is a symbol of the world with Russia. If this is the case, the president will not have the opportunity, even if he goes into the second round.

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