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Almost everyone has crossed the phone, especially after a long conversation. But what other reasons may a phone be & # 39; get as hot as it's even & # 39; and stop working to cool it up? Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question, and that is why Avast, the global leader in cybersecurity materials, and # share the common causes because cell phones are hotter than what the user does to stop this.

Why do the phones heat up?
It is important to be aware that all phones get warm and, in fact, they do it from time to time. But this will be a problem when you click phone up to a point that you can not connect or start on strange things and this can happen to a variety of reasons. Here are the reasons why:

Play too much Like PC, smartphone play on & # 39; take the CPU and the GPU to their borders, and this means that they are " create a lot of heat. It does not occasionally play a & # 39; affecting the phone, but in several hours hours sessions it's & # 39; recommends that he often breaks.

There are too many applications in the background. When Gmail is reduced to see Facebook, it does not get rid of it but has still been working in the background. And the same thing goes for all applications that have been reduced. There are more applications in the backdrop, the more the system needs to work to keep them up.

See a lot of videos It is, unfortunately, as damaging to the state of its phone as the game marathons. In fact, everything that keeps the screen for a long time and uses a GPU; phone to get the hot machine.

Application problems and operating system. Some of the bids can cause mistakes to make phones on the phone or to make strange things, and that's what they are doing. happening with a telephone operation system.

The biggest challenge: the malware. Although one of the problems identified may be damaging to its & # 39; phone, none are as uncertain as malware. Because unbelievable bids are likely to be fragments of a code that are not as good, they will monopolize the CPU and its & # 39; memory of the phone, which is split and spelled; create a lot of heat.

Once you're & # 39; Identifying the person affected, the time is to cool the phone
First, enter the phone in the freezer, there are better choices:

Remove the app. If you note that the phone is growing up after a specific request is made, it is & # 39; Recommended to close it first by reducing it and then going to Settings> Applications> A & # 39; running requests> [La aplicación que deseas cerrar] and stop stopping or stopping the Force.

Remove the cover A telephone case can be a robot, which can cause heat. Removal is recommended so that the phone is & # 39; cooling down. If the problem continues, the phone should be used without cause.

Use the phone in low power mode. In Android, look for a battery saving mode.

Prevent non-essential changes. It can be possible to help to make applications that do not need help. decline and battery preservation. Improved, put forward an air method when the phone is not used.

Delete the acid It is only a garbage of unused applications, but also unnecessary data collected by useful bids. Clean Avast for Android can help with this.

Reduce the clarity or adjust the suit.

Update the bids. The best application is the smallest resources that it uses, which reduces the likelihood of the phone being & # 39; warming up.

Change the tax cable. Sometimes, a disabled cable can cause a charge on the tax unit. If the heat is largely based around the cable card, it may be OK to change cable.

How to block your phone from a & # 39; fall out
It is recommended that an antivirus installation will start. Powerful cybersecurity software such as Avast Free Antivirus blocks bad detection in the place and its; inform you when a website you are trying to visit. Follow this advice to protect the hardship and protection of security.

In the same way, remember all previous advice, as it is responding to the phone with care, it does not have to go wrong.

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