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Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have become talents of Disney and Marvel; since he was involved in the American Captain: The Winter Soldier – 89% of their work was highly recognized by its production company, and outside Joss Whedon they were the most important projects, Avengers: Infinity War – 79% and Avengers: Endgame -%.

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The brothers Russo they interviewed for their port Businesswoman, in which they talk about the projects planned for the future, but more than anything about the superhero film industry in which they are; move.

Initially, the problems that arise from development Avengers: Infinity War; an Russo They need to make dangerous decisions about their plot, such as the fact that the truth has started and finish the movie with gracious situations, to offer the new kind of knowledge to the public . They wanted to make us laugh, smile and smile; think, enjoyment, fear and fear; In most cases they met the goal.

Arriving at the point of the interview was queried about the superhero superintendent for film change; The two directors agree that Superman is the answer.

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Anthony Russo He said:

The most powerful, harder character is to deal with the reporting level. As storytellers, and because of the way in which we explore the characters, we will always look out for their vulnerability because that's where they are getting more interesting. They are very obvious in strength, but they get much more deep when you find the places where they have no type of strength. Generally, the most powerful, more complex character is to deal with.

Joe Russo He said:

It is a very difficult character. You need to find emotional or weak relief to make it easy.

The brothers said that in the Marvelous Cinematic Contemplation; in Sealladh, this is the kind of powerful and complex warrior, and because of this situation they decided to get involved in a romantic way with Scarlet's Witch.

Avengers: Endgame taking forward the terrible events that happened Avengers: Infinity War, where we saw many of the co-numbered heroes who died in the hands of Thanos and the Infinite Gauntlet. The rushes of the fourth episode of the Avengers were released last night, causing strong confidence among the fans due to the current situation of Tony Stark, who is alone and abandoned in cold and cosmos areas. But as it is a key character, it is a proof that someone has thought to save it, the great mystery is who.

Fortunately, the main Avengers and Ant-Man try to save themselves from the dead Titan Titan, we have to wait for what steps they will take to protect the great danger. It will also be interesting to see the work of Captain Marvel throughout his generosity; remember that it is in a religious perspective Infinity War, Nick Fury asks her as a lasting and very difficult resource.

The Marvel Captain will be playing the plays on 8 March 2019; later we will Avengers: Endgame on 3 May.

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