Avengers: Endgame – NASA rescues Tony Stark's wonderful advice


NASA even gets into the hype Avengers. The Spanish-American group helps to & # 39; Tony Stark rescues his difficult situation in the new train for Avengers: Endgame.

Writing on Twitter, NASA offered some advice on how to save Stark. He asked the rest of the listeners Avengers for a mark from Stark saying "Avengers, we have a problem." But if Stark's comics are down, what then? In that situation, NASA said that he "s crew on the ground" to "use all of the facilities" for trying to stop the sky to find Stark .

As you can see, Marvel Studios answered NASA's tweet, saying that it's worth helping them. If you look forward to one of the decorations at the back of the image, you can see one of the desktop clubs on the "Thor" label, with the thumb to bend it. What about that?

NASA explained in another tweet THOR is the sequence that stands for "Thermal Jobs and Resources."

Tony Stark looks like he is in a bad road in the new Endgame trailer. The rushes will open with Stark a & # 39; behavior in space without food or water, with oxygen spreading out. He sent a message to Pepper Potts saying he does not expect to get more help.

The new Avengers trailer confirmed the name of the movie, Endgame, a title that makes a lot of awareness of what is being done; Expectations that happen after the dramatic end of his Confession at Infinity War. The spectators who love Avengers are: Endgame training also raises a lot of questions, such as your beard and aunt; Captain of America, what time has passed since the Infinity War, as Scott Lang came out of Quantum Realm and more. Check the GameSpot application of all the big questions here.

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