Avengers: Infinity War & # 39; vs. Aquaman & # 39 ;: Jason Momoa influences Marvel and may have been a defender of DC | James Wan Atom Tickets Series of cinema video


It was thought to be Avengers: Infinity War & # 39; her superhero film Most of the historians, because he has received more than 2 billion dollars selling tickets; However, the story could be changed after him & # 39; Aquaman & # 39; to come, who may be a deliverer DC Accuracy.

As you remember, the latest movies DC we have not had a good performance at our database office, since then The legal league & # 39; and & # 39; Batman vs. Superman & # 39; They failed to meet expectations, compared to the Marvel shows, which had won millions of fans.

This time the story would turn, and that is.Aquaman & # 39; promises are to have a big impact Jason Momoa, who's the best bet in DC for 2018 and what's it? The first result has welcomed everyone. As the special media shows in the cinema, so many tickets work amazingly.

Film directed James Wan managed as a movie that sold more tickets to be erased Atom Tickets, passing over & # 39; The album set by Avengers: Infinity War & # 39; in just 24 hours. The submissions of this group allow the Amazon Prime users to access the first fault pass.

However, not just the same success, as it was also confirmed that it was a Try to sell and sell titles like Venom in advance in Fandango Impartial Invalid, which proves that DC will be released earlier than expected for 2018.

As remembered, so far the film of the Wonder Woman & # 39; which has the highest concentration of DC as a result of the tale; and so a high fence & # 39; at Aquaman.

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