Avengers Infinity War had an alternate plot of Thor finding Stormbreaker


It was almost so very different (Picture: Marvel Studios)

It all could have been so different.

The new book Art Of Avengers: Infinity War has been giving us sneak peeks of concept art that may have changed the course of the Marvel movie, and in turn, the events in the MCU.

And the latest alternate plot reveal could have cut Peter Dinklage from Infinity War entirely.

A piece of concept art by Rodney Fuentebella shows Thor finding Stormbreaker in what appears to be the corpse of a huge creature – instead of forging the weapon at Nidavellir.

In Infinity War, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is accompanied by Rocket and Groot to Nidavellir, where they meet Eitri, played by Peter Dinklage.

Thor and Rocket manage to get the forges on the Realm of the Dwarves working again by jump-starting the rings around the star, with Eitri then able to create the battle-ax capable of killing Thanos.

At the end of the movie, Thor struck Thanos in the chest with Stormbreaker instead of his head, so he could tell him he was getting his revenge – leaving Thanos the opportunity to snap with the Infinity Gauntlet, thus wiping out half the universe.

It's unclear if finding Stormbreaker elsewhere could have changed the events of the Thanos snap, although directors Joe and Anthony Russo admitted there were numerous paths planned to retrieve the weapon.

Imagine if we lost Eitri and Peter Dinklage? (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Speaking to Cinema Blend, Joe said: 'We explored a lot of different ideas of where Thor could go for that weapon.

'We even had versions of the story at one time where he was going to visit this sort of ghost of his dead grandfather – which was one version we were playing with that we did not end up using. I am happy where we had settled. '

Anthony added: '[Thor] really goes on kind of a like a classic hero's journey. We wanted to create the feeling in the film that Thor was actually going to save the day.

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So, him going to get this weapon that could kill Thanos was a critical part of the story and we had to give a lot of screen time and a lot of strong dramatic interest because we really wanted people invested in that – so that they would be coming into the climax of the film with that feeling. '

We're happy with what they chose too – and not only because a different path would have starved us of prime Peter Dinklage screentime.

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