Avengers: Ultimatum – A new theory says that the movie could have one of Marvel's nature's birds!


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Le Felipe Vinha → A new certification of fans has said that Avengers: Ultimatum He can not only give Thanos in his entire power, but another Marvel's sheepman, and one of the most classical people.

The theory states that Kronos, one of the Eternals, should be featured in the film, and is based on a series of media releases released in the media, as well as for other facts .

Published in Reddit and on a number of other online forums, the theory states that the purple logo does not mention Thanos only, but also to Kronos, which is equivalent to purple. The main aim is to & # 39; give the evidence.

In addition, there is a belief that Benedict Cumberbatch recorded additional scenes for the film, such as Doctor Strange, where he interacted with another character, made only of computer graphics.

Finally, we think Jim Starlin, a composer of Thanos, says he would gives more credit to Avengers: Ultimatum, before recognizing even the name of the film. In theory, the reason would be because one of his characters would appear. Starlin did not report the statement to attack, but Kronos has also been created.

For now, everything is just a range of sounds and considerations, but it is a great opportunity and a theory with strong foundations.

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